MATCH REPORT: BYJL North & Scotland Regional Round 1

Report by Robert Mawhood

Round One of the North & Scotland’s region BYJL and Little League took place at a sunny Hessle Raceway, Hull on 5 th June.

Honours were fairly even with Bury and Sheffield providing two group winners each, home club Hull having the other group winner.

Team wise it was a double success for the Sheffield Stars, winning the Little League on 45 points from Hull (23) and Bury (16). The BYJL was a lot closer. Sheffield finishing just one point ahead of Hull (47-46), one point was all that separated A and T (13) and Bury (12) for third and fourth place.

The under 8’s had Bury’s Bobby Dunphy go unbeaten in five races to take the victory. Sheffield’s Oliver Banyard did the same in the under 10’s. The under 12’s saw Edward Balfour top the scores with 15 points, following three race wins. Hull’s Noah Lyon also had three race wins, his third being the crucial one in the GP final. Three different riders Liam Bennet (Hull), Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) and Duncan Whalley (A and T) won races in the under 14’s. Bury’s Tom Dunphy got the important
race win in the GP Final, to take home the 25 GP points. The under 18’s saw five match races between Dan Teal (Hull) and Kielan Burton (Sheffield). The inside grid proving pivotal, as each win went to the rider on the inside grid (Kielan having the important grid one in the GP Final).

Riders scores

Under 8 – Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 16, Jayden Bennett (Hull) 9, Eddie Owolabi-Oshea (Sheffield) 9

Under 10 – Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 16, Seraphina Green (Sheffield) 13, Will Hollich (Hull)10, Charlie Taylor (Sheffield) 7, Josh Cleering (Hull) 4.

Under 12 – Edward Balfour (Sheffield) 15, Noah Lyon (Hull) 14, Kacey Bennett (Hull) 10, Sam Dunphy (Bury) 6, Erin Balfour (Sheffield) 5.

Under 14 – Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) 13, Duncan Whalley (A and T) 13, Liam Bennett (Hull) 8, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 6.

Under 18 Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 14, Dan Teal (Hull) 14.

Grand Prix Points

Under 8 – Sam Dunphy 25, Eddie Owolabi-Oshea 20, Kayden Bennett 18.

Under 10 – Oliver Banyard 25, Will Hollich 20, Seraphina Green 18, Charlie Taylor 16, Josh Cleering

Under 12 – Noah Lyon 25, Kacey Bennett 20, Edward Balfour 18, Sam Dunphy 16, Erin Balfour 14

Under 14 – Tom Dunphy 25, Liam Bennett 20, Duncan Whalley 18, Sam Stansfield 16

Under 18 – Kielan Burton 25, Dan Teal 20

Kielan Burton (Sheffield)- Under 18 Winner. Photo taken by Nicola Banyard

Round Two will be held at Astley and Tyldesley’s Gin Pit track on 26th June.