MATCH REPORT: North & Scotland League Play-off finals

Report by Rob Mawhood

The 2021 season was restructured due to Covid, splitting the league into three regions, Scotland, Lancashire and Yorkshire. The winners and runners up taking part in the play off finals at Bury’s Goshen track.


This was the closest contested final of the afternoon, each team missing influential rlders. Sheffield were the least affected, going on to lift the Division One title for the first time since 2005. Edinburgh had the most race winners (10) over the 27 heats, with Mike Hewitson gaining five of them. Bury provided nine race winners (five for Harry Radford, who lost only to Hewitson in heat two). Sheffield had the fewest race winners with eight, spread out of four different riders (Ed Morton with three, being the most prolific). Sheffield turned five ofthose eight race winners Into maximum 7 point heat scores. This proving the difference as Bury managed three seven point heat scores (all coming from the impressive Kris Ramsden/Harry Radford pairing who scored 38 out of a possible 42 points) while Edinburgh recorded just one, from Gavin Parr/Jason Keith in heat 7.

Sheffield’s first and second teams. Photo by Will Banyard

BURY COMETS (90) – Kris Ramsden 16+3, Harry Radford 22+1, Danny Taylor 17, Mark Radford 6, Will Owens 15, Ben Dunford 15, Tom Dunphy DNR, Rob Lees 3+1

SHEFFIELD STARS (94) – Kielan Burton 18+1, Dariusz Pilas 16+2, Kyle Holland 15+1, Laura Watson 9+2, Niall Morton 15+2, Niamh Morton 2+1, Ed Morton 17, Sam Stansfield 2, Laythan Sharp DNR

EDINBURGH FALCONS (82) – Mikey Hewitson 21, Paul Kelly 7, Gavin Parr 16+2, Jason Keith 10, Jake Slight 10, Lewis Foxiey 18.

Referee — Darren Kent

DIVISION ONE (Positions 4-6)

Astley & Tyldesley dominated the match to determine league positions four — six, providing the race winner in 16 of the 18 heats they contested. Matt Snell was unbeaten from three rides, Reece Pollitt dropped points to a tapes exclusion while Pierce Bacon lost only to Nathan Everett-Atkinson. Fife had seven race winners, four coming from Kayden Davidson, while a depleted Hull had only four race winners (three for Everett-Atkinson).

FIFE REVOLUTIONS (92) – Vas Hill 10+1, Kayden Davidson 22, Harris Alsop 18+1, Victor Hill 13+3, Jake Ferguson 17+1, Harry Langdale 8+1, Gavin Kennedy 4+2

ASTLEY & TYLDESLEY (102) – Reece Pollitt 17+3, Charlie Burgess 12, Steve Harris 19+2, Duncan Whalley 7, Pierce Bacon 22+1, Tom Morrisey 8+1, Matt Snell 12, Owen Simcock 5.

HULL (64) —Jack Lister 18, NR, Nathan Everett-Atkinson 18, Noah Lyon 7, David Cooper 15, Liam Bennett 6.

Referee — Kyle Holland


There was no stopping a strong Fife team from lifting the Division Two title for the second time in four seasons, five of the seven riders providing the 15 race winners they gained in their 18 races (turning eight races into the maximum 7 point heat score). Kayden Davidson and Gavin Kennedy finishing unbeaten by an opponent. Bury had seven race winners (five from Harry Radford , who dropped his only points In a heat two exclusion). Sheffield gained Just five race winners, the most important comlng from 10 year old Oliver Banyard in heat 22 when he teamed up with Kielan Burton for an important seven point heat score over Bury.

BURY COMETS (76) – Harry Radford 20, Tom Dunphy 7, Steve Mann 6, Ben Dunford 17, Mark Radford 15, Rob Lees 11+3.

SHEFFIELD STARS (81) – Niamh Morton 13, Sam Stansfield 12+1, Kielan Burton 19+2, Oliver Banyard 10, Laura Watson 16+1, Laythan Sharp 5+1, Lacey Ackroyd 6.

FIFE REVOLUTIONS (112) – Vas Hill 19+1, Kayden Davidson 21+3, Harris Alsop 22+1, Victor Hill 16+3, Jake Ferguson 19+1, Harry Langdale 7+2, Gavin Kennedy 8.

Referee — Chaz Whalley