MATCH REPORT: Yorkshire League Round 5

Hull and Sheffield are in a one off shoot out to see who will lift the Yorkshire League trophy for 2023. Round Five saw Sheffield win to level the match points with Hull, going into the final fixture at Hull on 8th October (Sheffield hold a slight advantage of 8 race points should the teams tie scores). Sheffield were almost at full strength as they welcomed Niall Morton into the team for his first match since the season opener at Bury. With a strong quintet Sheffield’s tactics to field Pawel Idziorek at reserve, and bring him in for four races against the Hull pairing’s, proved to be vital in the win. Those four races saw Sheffield have a 22-18 advantage, one point short of the winning margin. Each Sheffield rider recorded a race win or assisted race win. For Hull both Lewis Foxley and Jack Lister lost just once each, while Richard Gibson and Noah Lyon won races against the Heckmondwike pairings. The Heckmondwike veteran riders put in a good show against teams vying for the title, though outgunned they had their moments. A drawn heat five, when Darren Kent and Pat Beacock both passed Liam Bennett, helped Sheffield’s lead over Hull. Kent then kept Jack Brownell at bay in heat 12.


Sheffield Stars (63) – Niall Morton 12+2, Kielan Burton 14+1, Jack Brownell 5+1, Kyle Holland 17+1, Pawel Idziorek 15.
Hull (58) – Jack Lister 18+1, Noah Lyon 8, Lewis Foxley 17+2, Richard Gibson 13, Liam Bennett 2.
Heckmondwike Saints (35) – Justin Naylor 7, Lee Walshaw 7, Darren Kent 11+1, Pat Beacock 6, Elliot Long 4.

Referee – Rob Mawhood

Hull took big steps to winning the North & Scotland League Division three for the first time with victory over Sheffield. Jayden Bennett was unbeaten in the under 10’s while Fletcher Glenton and Oliver Banyard had three close races in the under 13’s. Both had two race wins.

Northern League Division 3

Sheffield Stars 12 – 74 Hull

Scorers (all Hull, except Oliver Banyard)

Under 10 – Jayden Bennett 16, Fletcher Glenton 12, Alexis Woodcock 8.

Referee – Rob Mawhood

The Junior GP saw Jayden Bennett win the under 10’s to confirm the 2023 title. Fletcher Glenton beat Alexis Woodcock in the under 8’s, either of the duo will be 2023 champion after the final round at Hull. Oliver Banyard won the under 13’s, giving him a chance for runner-up for 2023 (the title already in the pocket of Jayden Hancock of Bury)

Yorkshire League Junior GP

Under 8 – 1st Fletcher Glenton, 2nd Alexis Woodcock
Under 10 – 1st Jayden Bennett
Under 13 – 1st Oliver Banyard (Sheffield), 2nd Spencer Gleton, 3rd Harry Gibson, 4th Harvey Mcclachlan, 5th Elliot Long, 6th Will Hollich.

Referee – Niall Morton​

The Senior GP had a new winner with Lewis Foxley taking first place, this being his first entry into the competition. Jack Lister was third, having already been confirmed 2023 champion after round four. Darren Kent secured his fifth successive win in the Vets 55+ with Wil Banyard taking his second win in the Vets 40-54. Kacey Bennett won the Womens competition and with it is crowned 2023 champion. The under 18 title is still up for grabs with Jack Brownell’s win putting him in a three way fight with Noah Lyon and Liam Bennett for the 2023 title.

Yorkshire League Senior GP

Open – 1st Lewis Foxley, 2nd Kielan Burton, 3rd Jack Lister, 4th Kyle Holland, 5th Niall Morton
Women – 1st Kacey Bennett
Under 18 – 1st Jack Brownell, 2nd Noah Lyon, 3rd Liam Bennett
Vet 40-54 – 1st Wil Banyard, 2nd Richard Gibson, 3rd Justin Naylor, 4th Lee Walshaw
Vets 55+ – 1st Darren Kent, 2nd Pat Beacock, 3rd Rob Mawhood, 4th Adrian Brownell.

Referee – Andy Schofield