MATCH REPORT: Horspath win against Swindon

Horspath 93 – 83 Swindon (S/SW) – 30th March 2014

Swindon’s team turned up on a bright afternoon to the oxford based track which saw the likes of Steve Harris, Rob Hunt, Neil Power, James Bailey, Ethan Greenslade, Jake Neighbour, Sean Brown, Paul Matthews all take part in a game of football to get warmed up for racing which ended up with half of them on the floor!

Horspath’s line up looked strong with Mark Boaler,Wayne Hutt,Zac Payne,Ryan Taylor,Andy Johnson, Jordan Richardson,Lee Clarke and Owen Johnson.

Heat one saw Steve Harris and Ethan Greenslade take on Zac Payne And Lee Clarke which saw first bend bunching resulting Ethan to come off and not being able to complete the race. It finished a 6-3 to Horspath. Heat 2 saw Swindon’s Welsh Duo Daniel Harper and Neil Power line up against Wayne Hutt and Ryan Taylor. The Welsh duo came first and second with saw Swindon’s first heat Maxium 7-3. Heat 3 saw Swindon’s James Bailey and Steve Harris Against Jordan Richardson and Owen Johnson. James Bailey and Steve Harris got another heat maxium 7-3. Heat 4 saw Bailey and Ethan Greenslade against Zac Payne and Lee Clarke. Clarke took the win, Bailey second, Payne third and Greenslade forth. The Hammers led 50 – 39 at the break.

Heat 10 saw Swindon’s Harris and Rob Hunt line up against Wayne Hutt and Ryan Taylor. Hunt and Harris brought back to the pits another heat maxium 7-3. Heats 13,14,15,16 were all drawn heats of 5-5, with Jake Neighbour and Jason Cutler battling hard for every point.

Final score
Horspath 93
Swindon 83

Swindon Scorers:
Steve Harris 16+4 (6)
Ethan Greenslade 6 (5)
Daniel Harper 11+2 (5)
Neil Power 17
Jake Neighbour 9+1
Rob Hunt 8+1 (5) 1 ex
Jason Cutler (1)
James Bailey 15+1.

Second Team Report.

Horspath gave away 37 points due to using first team riders Zac Payne, Lee Clarke, Andy Johnson, Jordan Richardson, Owen Johnson.
Swindons line up saw Richard Hollaway on his first match on a bike.
Heat on the match, heat 12, with Alice Neighbour beating Horspaths Zac Payne.

Final Score
Horspath 67 + 1 penalty point (68)
Swindon 50 +37 penalty points (87)