COALVILLE MEETING: Progress report

The Board of British Cycling have discussed the post-Coalville issues and made it clear that their preferred option was for cycle speedway to stay “in-house”.

This was also the preferred outcome for clubs attending Coalville but with important provisos – clearly the first weeks and months “après Coalville” will provide vital evidence as to whether or not these can be met.

So what is the progress so far? Here are some of the main points discussed and the important points to arise from further commission meetings.

When cycle speedway club reps met at Coalville in January to discuss whether the sport had a future under the auspices of British Cycling, an important action point was for representatives of that forum to seek an early meeting with senior BC officials. This was to discuss some of the serious concerns raised and seek to resolve a way forward which would enable the sport to stay within that organisation.

The request was not taken up by BC. Instead, at their CS Commission meeting on 1st February, it was agreed to stage a special CS Commission meeting on 1st March at which those concerns could be fully explored. This would be in the presence of additional nominated delegates from each of the four regions.

The Coalville meeting strongly felt that juniors should be exempt from the £1.50 levy and it be imposed on adults only.

It was confirmed on 01.03.14 by BC that there would be no exemption from payment of rider levies by U16s. BC also implemented the upfront match payment fees for all clubs.

In order to help the Sport have greater self management a set of KPI’s covering the next three years were presented to the Commission on 01.03.14 for their adoption on behalf of the Sport.

So far British Cycling have not published the list of KPI’s. However it is known that they include the discontinuation of the handbook and the introduction of the requirement of a full licence to compete in British Championship events. Research indicates that in order to obtain a full licence a silver licence is first required. The full licence can then be purchased. The combined cost of the two for an adult currently runs at £75.

The Commission are looking to hold a Club Conference in September/October 2014 and annually thereafter as part of the desire to ensure that the members of CS Sport have a greater input into the running of their Sport.

It is not clear if this will be for invited guests only or that clubs may use their own discretion.


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