MATCH REPORT: Swindon edge out Newport

Swindon 92 – 85 Newport, South and South Wales League, Sunday 13th April 2014

Swindon knew it was going to be a close match, but with welsh star Daniel Harper breaking his hand in the week during training, it was going to be a harder task than they thought. Newport turned up with a strong side of Mark Carmichael, Shaun Rudman, Nicky Evans, Oli Sidwick, Dan Bock, Adam Bennett, Chris Davis, Colin Simmons.

Heat 1 – Swindon’s Neil Power and James Bailey Against Oli Sidwick and Chris Davis. Neil Power came off gate one and raced away for the win without being troubled, which left Swindon’s James Bailey battling for third place with Oli Sidwick, which ended with a heat win to Swindon 6-4.
Heat 2 – For Swindon Steve Harris and Ethan Greenslade were up against a Newport pairing of Nicky Evans and Adam Bennet. Evans came out of the box in front of Harris, which saw him battling for 1st place. On the last bend of the final lap, Swindon’s Steve Harris cut back up the inside of Evans, which resulted in Evans putting Harris onto the center green, just missing the starting posts and referee Daniel Harper. Evans was excluded for this move on Harris, which ended the heat 6-3 to Swindon. Harris was first Adam Bennet (Newport) second and Ethan Greenslade picking up 3rd place.
Heats 5,6,8 – All drawn 5-5 heats for the progresive scores at half time Newport 47 Swindon 42.
Heat 13 – Swindon’s Rob BBB Hunt and Matty Rayson back from injury up against Oli Sidwick and Chris Davis. Rob Hunt came out of the box looking for his partner, and on the back straight, saw Hunt battling off the charge from Sidwick, with Matty Rayson darting up the inside to bring home a first heat maximum for Swindon.
Heat 15 – Swindon’s Steve Harris and James Bailey up against Shaun Rudman and Dan Bock. Harris and Rudman battled into the first corner and Bailey picked up Bock, sitting on a 5-5. Swindon’s Steve Harris tried going all the way round Rudman, which saw Rudman taking Harris to the extreme – hitting him not just once, but twice, which resulted Harris heading into the fence. Referee Daniel Harper, after everything cooled down, excluded Newport’s Shaun Rudman for taking the other rider to the extreme and using excessive force. Re-run with 3 riders saw Swindon’s James Bailey picking up the win with Steve Harris 2nd, bringing home another heat Maximum 7-3.
Heats 16 and 17 saw Swindon’s pairing of Rob Hunt, Jake Neighbour and Neil Power with Ethan Greenslade, bringing home two 6-4 heat wins which secured the match.

Final score Swindon 92 – 85 Newport

Swindon Scores

Neil Power 15
Martin Glover 1 from 1
Steve Harris 18+1
Ethan Greenslade 9+1
Rob Hunt 16+1
Matty Rayson 11
Jake Neighbour 10+1
James Bailey 12

Swindon 67 – 51 Newport (S&SW2)

Swindon’s second team came up against a talented young Newport side. Swindon’s line up was Paul Matthews, Rich Holloway, Martin Glover, Jason Cutler, Sean Brown, Jim Collier and new rider Scott Day. Richard Holloway, having a nasty fall in his second heat, which saw him not finish the race, but still went out for his last ride. Swindon’s Sean Brown went through the heats with a maximum bringing home 16pts to help Swindon win the match 67-51.

Jason Cutler 11+3
Martin Glover 10+1
Paul Matthews 11+2
Rich Holloway 6+1
Scott Day 4
Sean Brown 16 (Max)
Jim Collier 11+3

Match Report by Swindon CSC