AUSTRALIA: Brian O’Neill Memorial Results

Cody Chadwick is the 32nd winner of the Brian O’Neill Memorial held at Findon last Sunday. After a series of elimination heats the top 6 point scorers made their way to the starting grid. As Cody and his brother Joel equalled the highest score it was a coin toss to determine who had the first choice for grid positions.

Cody won the toss with Joel taking grid 2, Cameron Crisp on 3, Shane Weinert on 4, Shane Bentley on 5 and Daniel Thompson on 6. Racing for the first 3 laps was Cody a few lengths in front of Joel who was making ground, so Cody slowed down to keep him on the outside and this allowed Cameron Crisp to catch up and ‘stove’ Joel into the pits via the pit gate.


World No.2 Cody Chadwick won the Brian O’Neill Memorial this weekend

Final positions:

Division 1

1st Cody Chadwick
2nd Cameron Crisp
3rd Shane Weinert
4th Shane Bentley.

Division 2

1st Brodie Charlson
2nd Brodie Wohlschlager
3rd Jake Mathews
4th Mathew Hurley


1st Sarah Kinross
2nd Carly Martin
3rd Jess Snowden
4th Kayleigh Clarke

Over 30

1st Brad Delmenico
2nd Mat Dawson
3rd Simon Harley
4th Rob Mathews

Division 3

1st Tyler Clutton
2nd Harrison Delmenico
(no 3rd or 4th)

Girls Under 13

1st Latisha Bevear
2nd Miriam Thompson
3rd Chloe Williams
4th Emily Makepeace

Division 4

1st DJ Thompson
2nd Matty Snowden
3rd Blade Blatchford
4th Michael Ratcliff

Division 5

1st Cohen Adamson
2nd Cooper Osborne
3rd Braylan MacDonald
4th Corey Ackerman

Division 6

1st Jack Dawson
2nd Tylar MacDonald
3rd Ben Pudney
4th Tyson Osborne

Division 7

1st Kalen Fowler
2nd Zayden Thompson
3rd Mitchell Osborne
4th Marcus Melino