NEWS: Aussie star in horror crash

World number 2, Cody Chadwick, has come off worse in what’s been described as one of the “biggest and fastest” crashes ever witnessed at Salisbury Cycle Speedway earlier today.

A post on the Salisbury Cycle Speedway page read:

On a action packed Saturday afternoon, we saw the Chadwick brothers up to their competitiveness best. Unfortunately Cody came off second best against Joel, with one of the biggest & fastest crashes we’ve ever witnessed. But for those who know Cody, we’re sure he’ll be back and flat chat in no time.
Wishing you all the best Cody…..

Salisbury posted a photo of Cody’s facial injuries, which look pretty nasty! We hope he makes a speedy recovery!

Cody chadwick crash

Brother Joel topped the racing this afternoon taking the Rider of the Week.