NEWS: British Indoor Finals – Sponsors flock to support championships

Promotors of the British Indoor finals are delighted to announce a full portfolio of high-profile sponsors for the championships – to take place near Coventry early next month.
Sponsors have flocked to support the finals, which are self funding this year and outside the umbrella of British Cycling. The list includes many well known Cycle Speedway names who have financially secured the finals, after British Cycling withdrew £2,000 of previously allocated support. The finals are now on course to break even, helped by soaring entry figures.

And, there could well be further commercial support that would ensure Sky Sports TV coverage of the finals for the first time. Leading promotor Joe McLaughlin has been approaching major companies, which have included Monster Energy, Red Bull, a leading automotive company, a coach hire concern and a water related company, who export around the world.

He is also set to meet a national car tyre brand this Thursday and a cycle related company.

The full list of sponsors for the 2014 British Indoor finals are:

Open – Archie Wilkinson Cycle Speedway
Vets – Dash Trophies
Womans – GG Express Couriers
Under 13s – Nixon Mee Accountants
Under 16s – GG Express Couriers
Under 19s – Wosskow Brown Solicitors
Junior Team Final – Wosskow Brown Solicitors
Senior Team Final – Archie Wilkinson Cycle Speedway