TRANSFER NEWS: Rider transfers in full

The first licence transfers have been confirmed by Paul West at British Cycling. Here’s all the official movers and shakers in the transfer window. Elite League transfers to follow…





Jason Barker Norwich Hethersett
Leighton Bates Horspath Astley & Tyldesley
James Collier Swindon Horspath
Lily Gedge Kesgrave Ipswich
Matthew Hambidge Bretford Coventry
Radek Handke Sheffield Astley & Tyldesley
Daniel Harper Swindon Horspath
Steve Harris Swindon Poole
Richard Harrison Horspath Astley & Tyldesley
Charlie-Jane Herbert Exeter Ipswich
Phil Howells Poole Leicester
Ricki Johnson Wednesfield Birmingham
Lee Kemp East Park Wednesfield
Mick Knowles Sheffield Heckmondwike
Samantha Marsh Coventry Birmingham
Bobby McMillan Sheffield Coventry
Mark Mulvey Northumbria Astley & Tyldesley
Simon Munden Horspath Astley & Tyldesley
Dave Murphy Exeter Poole
Ieuan Payne Underwood Birmingham
Bailie Phillips Coventry Birmingham
Daniel Pike Ipswich Leicester
Danielle Riley Hethersett Newport
Lee Smith East Park Birmingham
Matthew Smith East Park Birmingham
Errol Thaw Horspath Astley & Tyldesley
Jimmy Wassall Leicester Coventry
Ronnie Wassall Leicester Coventry
Brandon Whetton East Park Wednesfield
Stephen Whitaker Bury Astley & Tyldesley
Thomas Whitwam Bury Sheffield
Andrew Yard Exeter Swindon
Damien Zareba Sheffield Astley & Tyldesley