NEWS: 2015 British Youth and Junior League rules update

After the wrong set of rules appeared in the Cycle Speedway handbook, Paul West has sent out a revised version. Please disregard what is written in the handbook.


16.1 British Cycling shall organise a British Youth and Junior League, open to all interested member clubs. The league shall be open to Youth A, B, C, D, and E categories and Junior females.

16.2 Rounds shall be staged using different venues on separate dates, all participating teams are eligible to compete in each round.  Teams can field as many or as few eligible riders as they wish.  Teams do not have to compete in every round.  Teams can vary the numbers of riders fielded from round to round.  There is not a limit as to the number of teams and eligible riders who can compete in each round.

16.3 Age Categories

16.3.1 Age categories in the British Youth & Junior League are as follows:

Until 31st December of: Born on or after:
YOUTH E/ UNDER-8 Year in which 8th birthday falls 1st January 2007
YOUTH D/ UNDER-10 Year in which 10th birthday falls 1st January 2005
YOUTH C/ UNDER-12 Year in which 12th birthday falls 1st January 2003
YOUTH B/ UNDER-14 Year in which 14th birthday falls 1st January 2001



Year in which 17th birthday falls 1st January 1998
YOUTH A,B & JUNIOR GIRLS/ (UNDER-14,16,18) From 1st January of year in which 13th birthday falls until 31st December of year in which 18th birthday falls Born between 1st January 1997 and 31st December 2002

16.3.2 Riders may only ride in ONE age category at any event.  Normally this will be the youngest age group they qualify for but they may ride in an older age group (i.e. if arriving late). Youth C girls may choose to ride within the female only category rather than that of Youth C

16.4 Starting Times

Each regional and national round shall start at a time agreed with the BC Cycle Speedway Commission with the Youth E matches first, followed by Youth D, Youth C, Youth B, Youth A and Female only matches.

16.5  Formulae

Depending on the number of riders for each age category, the official British Junior League formulae will be used – 4, 5, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 riders (or if more than 28 a combination of formulae).  All matches for each age group should take place simultaneously.  All formulae give each rider four races.

16.6 Rules

16.6.1 Riders should wear an identifiable club shirt and full safety dress (helmets, gloves).

16.6.2 For inexperienced riders referees are expected to make the following allowances:- No exclusion on starting gates except where clear cheating takes place No exclusion for lapping provided no interference with race – rider must complete the full race laps for a point to be awarded No exclusion for crossing boundaries or remounting with steps unless any advantage is gained Under-8 and Under-10 riders may use machines which do not fully comply with regulations. Starting blocks shall be permitted for Youth E in line with regulation 19.4. Under-8 and Under-10 races will be held over three laps only

16.7 Team Points

16.7.1  In the Regional Rounds All individual scores across the age categories count towards the team total.  League points are awarded in respect of team points with the highest scoring team getting league points to the value of the number of teams competing.  The remaining teams get points in order with the lowest scoring team receiving one league point.

16.7.2   The 8 qualifying teams for the National Rounds will be awarded points for their relative performance in each age group in each round.  The team with the highest total score of the participating teams in an age category will be awarded one point, with the remaining teams receiving points in ascending order to 8 points for the 8th place team. A team with no riders in a category will automatically score 8 points. These points will be added together over the four rounds with the winner being the team with the fewest points overall.

16.8  Individual Grand Prix Series

16.8.1   Immediately after each age category the top 16 scorers in that age category will contest A-D Finals. Places in the A-D finals will be decided as follows:-

  • points scored in the current British Junior League match, or if level
  • current Grand Prix Series points, or if level
  • points scored in the British Junior League that year to date, or if level
  • points scored in the British Junior League the previous year, or if level
  • toss of coin or draw of lots

16.8.2   Starting positions for each final will be drawn.

16.8.3   Grand Prix Points

FINAL 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
A 25 20 18 16
B 14 13 12 11
C 9 8 7 6
D 4 3 2 1

The overall series winner for each age category will be the rider with the highest number of Grand Prix Points accumulated over the four National Rounds.

16.9  Regional & National Rounds

16.9.1   The top two teams on league points from each region after the four rounds will be invited to compete in the four national rounds.  This is not compulsory.  Points scored in the regional round will not be carried forward and the national rounds will be scored separately.

16.9.2   Any rider who has competed in two regional rounds may compete in the national Grand Prix series rounds.

16.9.3   All teams can participate in a separate competition in the national rounds to decide the winning team in each age group, providing they compete in that age group in all four rounds. The team’s individual scores within the age category will be totalled for each round, the team with the highest total score of the eligible teams will receive one point and the remaining teams will receive points in ascending order. The team with the fewest points score overall in the age group in the national rounds will be that age group winner