POLAND: DMP Round 1 round-up

The opening day of the DMP saw two results which could have a crucial impact on the outcome of the 2015 league campaign.

Leszno outpaced Torun in the battle of the former champions with the hosts clearly fitter and faster as the YouTube footage of the match below clearly suggests.

There was plenty of eager anticipation down at Swietochlowice where the addition of Lukas Nowacki is expected to boost their title hopes.

Defending champions Ostrow made a winter signing of their own in Arek Szymanski and his presence just tipped the scales in favour of the visitors who were narrow victors by just 3 points.

Leszno 83 – 75 Torun

Leszno: Mateusz Ślezak 8, Kamil Antoniewicz 5, Arkadiusz Zając 16, Mateusz Ludwiczak 5, Kamil Naskret 15, Radosław Kochanek 6, Michał Sassek 15, Patryk Kriger 9, Piotr Kupczyk 4, Hubert Kielaszewski DNR

Torun: Paweł Cegielski 5, Adam Bożejewicz 14, Przemysław Binkowski 15, Marcin Paradzinski 13, Remigiusz Burchardt 12, Łukasz Szpajda 9, Damian Kosinski 7, Jarosław Szeps DNR, Jakub Kościecha DNR

Swietochlowice 78 – 81 Ostrow

Swietochlowice: Marek Pronobis 7, Kamil Bielaczek 15, Lukasz Nowacki 16, Piotr Pluczyński 5, Dawid Zając 5, Dawid Bas 5, Mateusz Pacek 7, Rafał Pigoń 5, Piotr Kuder 3, Kacper Włodarz DNR

Ostrow: Marcin Kołata 15, Piotr Kasperczak 8, Bartosz Grabowski 17, Arkadiusz Szymański 12, Szymon Kowalczyk 15, Artur Reszelewski 6, Rif Włodarczyk 8, Kamil Tuczyński DNR, Krzysztof Jeryś DNR, Sebastian Szostak DNR