MATCH REPORT: Midland Best Pairs at Wednesfield

Riders from six of the seven Midland League clubs competed in the Midland Best Pairs last night, where last place in each race counted for nothing.

Wednesfield’s first team pairing of Lee Aris and Paul Heard secured the win after a “winners take all race” against Coventry’s Bobby McMillan and Myke Grimes, which had to be re-run after Grimes came together with Aris, causing a pile up and the subsequent exclusion for the Coventry rider. McMillan kept Heard at bay to minimise the damage to a 6-3 in the re-run and consolidate second place for the Coventry pairing. Aris and Heard secured 7-2s against the restĀ of the field, with 6-3s against Coventry and Birmingham.

Coventry took second place after securing a 5-4 from Birmingham’s outside courtesy of a big gate from Myke Grimes off 4, with Bobby McMillan providing wingman duties, the Australian international taking 5 bonus points throughout the night, with the pair losing out only to the Aces’ first pairing.

Birmingham, like Wednesfield and Coventry secured maximum heat advantages against the rest of the field but lost out by a single point conceded against McMillan and Grimes, with Heard and Aris opening up with a 6-3 against the Monarch’s pair, despite a valiant effort from Matt Smith to pass Lee Aris in their opening heat.

There was lots of entertaining racing from all of the riders, especially from the younger riders, who at times, gave their more experienced opponents a real run for their money.

Check out Bobby McMillan’s on board footage of Coventry’s races below.


1st – Wednesfield Aces One 39 | Paul Heard 18, Lee Aris 13, Brandon Whetton 8
2nd – Coventry 36 | Bobby McMillan 17, Myke Grimes 19
3rd – Birmingham 35 | Chris Timms 15, Matt Smith 20
4th – Wednesfield Aces Two 25 | Chris Jewkes 15, Scott Doherty 10, Harrie Everiss 0
5th – Wednesfield Dragons 22 | Haydn Rowley 15, Tom Haddock 7, Carl Parfitt 0
6th – East-Park 20 | Jamie Ball 10, David Ball 10, Jamie Whetton 0
7th – Brandon Bees/Coventry 12 | Dan Drewett 6, Matt Lawrence 6