MATCH REPORT: Stockport’s unbeaten run comes to an end at Redbraes

It didn’t quite live up to the pre-meeting hype, but Edinburgh finally shook off their bogey team for these past number of years. Although Stockport arrived minus Jake Read, a much determined and focused Falcons Team duly went about their business, pleasing the larger than normal, noisy crowd.

The first two races were a trade of 5-5s, Mat Lush losing a crank on the 3rd lap in Heat 2, while holding a 7-3 with Chris Eaton, before Hewitson and McPherson took a 3 point advantage over lone “2006” rider, Jack Lush. Heat 5 saw an unexpected 7-3 from Slight and Swanson relegating Redbraes expert, Higham to third. After another two drawn races, the Leith side took another 6, before Stockport posted their first Heat advantage (6-4) before the Interval, to claw it back to 48-41.

Picture by George Swanson.

Picture by George Swanson.

After the break, Falcons Captain, Hewitson and Swanson hit back with a 6-4 of their own, in a re-started Heat 10, with the latter taking a heavy first bend fall. Craig Newsome took the flag for a brace of wins. Stockport got their second 6-4, over the previously unbeaten, Jake Slight. This proved to be their last advantage of the Division One match.

The Home side rallied with a, 6-4 and a 7-2, over young Reserve Campbell, on his own. The unusual announcement of Stockport claiming “inside grids” rang out and had to be repeated at, Redbraes.

An exclusion for a rash last bend charge by Jack Lush on Newsome gave another slim advantage to the Falcons. Terry Norman winning this one and Chris Eaton the next, as the Home Riders sat for the minor points to secure the match, gave the two stalwarts from back to the Tameside days, joint top scores.

Mikey Hewitson completed a very untroubled 20 point haul, certainly belieing his “Sheffield Number 1” Elite League scores and didn’t he show he enjoyed it. Unlike team-mate Swanson who was spoken to by the Referee for over vociferous vocal celebrations in Heat 5.

Mikey Hewitson and team mates celebrate his maximum. Picture by George Swanson.

Mikey Hewitson and team mates celebrate his maximum. Picture by George Swanson.

Records are there to be broken and Edinburgh may well bookend Stockport’s undefeated League run. The visitors could point to the injured Jake Read’s non appearance, (a full quota of riders yielding a further 9 points was needed) but like their Captain, in a lot of the day’s races, the focused Falcons were well in command of their race positons.

EDINBURGH 97: Kamil Greszla 8+1, Jake Slight 17+1, Craig Newsome 15+1, Marcin Czarkowski 10, Neil McPherson 9, Mikey Hewitson 20, Lee Lawrence 5+2, Neil Swanson 13+2.

STOCKPORT 80: Michael Preston 7, Ben Higham 13+1, Mat Lush 9, Chris Eaton 17+1, no rider, Jack Lush 12+1, Terry Norman 17+1, Devon Campbell 5.

Referee Gavin Kennedy

The two younger Stockport Riders were joined by, Jack Lush, Terry Norman and Ben Higham. One can only wonder if the pressure was now off the record breaking club. In the match they appeared to be having some fun in this match. Good and friendly forceful tussles, with the more experienced Falcons Division 2 riders and encouraging races with the younger Falcons riders, Calum Cairney and Skye Mitchell.

In the Under 13, Michael Preston was impressive, dropping only 2 points and Devon Campbell posted a double figure score.

EDINBURGH (74+57) 131: Douglas Morgan 13 +1, Calum Cairney 12 +1, Marcin Czarkowski 11, Skye Mitchell 8 +1, Gavin Kennedy 12 +2, Ewan Kennedy 18.

STOCKPORT 71: Jack Lush 12 +1, Michael Preston 18, Terry Norman 15, no rider, Ben Higham 17, Devon Campbell 9 +1.

Referee Ewan Tulloch

EDINBURGH 24: Amy MacDonald 4, Skye Mitchell 12, Shane Hannan 8.

STOCKPORT 16: Michael Preston 16.

Referee Ewan Tulloch.

In other news unsubstantiated rumours surfaced yesterday that the Edinburgh Club have been told they have to vacate their rented Redbraes Residents premises, sometime in August. Although, at this time, the rumours are sketchy, like the premises Caretaker, it may be a “Call to Arms” with the Scottish Schools Cycle Speedway Group, to canvas the City Council and the greater use of the building.