ICSF WORLDS: Aussie nominations confirmed

The ICSF is able to confirm the list of 26 riders which the Australian Cycle Speedway Council has nominated for the 2015 ICSF World Championships as follows:

Joel Chadwick, Cody Chadwick, Bobby McMillan, Ryan Edson, Shane Weinert, Cameron Crisp, Tyrone Walters, Jay Walters, Robert Sellick, Angus Freeman, Shane Bentley, Jake Mathews, Brodie Charlson, Jack Norman, Braden Makepeace, Matty Snowden, Rob Mathews, Darren Mathews, Brad Hoppo, Paul White, Letisha Bevear, Kayleigh Clarke, Ebony Clark, Letitia Collins, Lucy Millikin and Jess Snowden.