LETTERS: Riders need something to aim for

Australia’s Mick Harley wants to see more categories in the Worlds and believes competitive racing at a young age gives riders something to aim for.

I will be tabling a motion at the next ICSF Meeting that we introduce Under 15 and Under 13 grades to the World Championships.  I am very confident that the Australian Cycle Speedway Council will support the idea as a number of people have expressed their support.  By introducing these age groups it gives them something to aim for,  “World Champion” just like other cycling disciplines.  In Australia we have had competitive racing for Under 7’s,Under 9’s, Under 11’s and Under 13’s since 1958 and have had no problems.  It is part of life! Children have to learn that someone wins someone loses not only in sport but in the world of business/jobs.  I think British Cycling listen to too many University Graduates who actually know nothing about life except what they read in books which has been written by other graduates before them. People who are not in the REAL World!

Mick Harley