MATCH REPORT: Whetton wins again in Joan Aris Memorial

On Tuesday evening at a sunny Ashmore Park the annual event of the Joan Aris Memorial took place. Heat 1 brought three of the favourites together, with Brandon Whetton taking the race win but the battle was going on for 2nd place with Wednesfields Carl Parfitt holding off challenge from East Parks Jamie Whetton to take the 3 points, with young Josh Whetton taking the single point.

The next 3 races went to form with wins for Haydn Rowley, Will Cartwright and Zak White. Heat 5 saw a ding ding battle between Wednesfield young talents Haydn Rowley and Carl Parfitt. Carl held first position coming out of the gate and then on the third lap, Haydn made his move on the inside but came off second best and hit the deck, resulting in a Parfitt, W. Cartwight, C. Aris, Rowley race finish.

Heat 6 saw B. Whetton take his second win and Connor Dyke winning Heat 7. Jamie Whetton took his first race win of the evening in Heat 8 over his team mates Jake & Zak White and Adam Tipton with the single point. In Heat 9, Z. White took advantage of his grid one to take the win over C. Parfitt and Alex Aris made a fine pass on C. Dyke to steal third place.

Heat 10 saw a costly exclusion to W. Cartwright after making a good start to the match, which let B. Whetton take his 3rd win of the match. At the interval, Brandon was leading the way on 12 points, with Carl, and Z. White on 10pts each.

The race after the interval saw H. Rowley get back to winning ways, with the next 3 positions being fought out between Josh Whetton, Liam Cartwright and Adam Tipton, with Tipton making a fine pass on Whetton on the last corner to take second place.

Jamie Whetton took a fine win in Heat 12, with the ever trying Dan Drewett chasing hard all the way, but could not find no way past the East Park man. Heat 13 was a good win for Parfitt to see him keep in touch with the front runners. Heat 14 was the fourth race win going to B. Whetton, which put him in pole position to take the title with a grid one in his last race. Z. White took the race win in Heat 15, with second place once again going to Coventry’s D. Drewett.

Jamie Whetton took a vital race win over Rowley to keep his rostrum hopes alive and in Heat 17, Parfitt made a vital quick start off his grid four to take the race win over Drewett, to put him on 18 points. Brandon Whetton wrapped up the title with a fine maximum by taking the race win over Z. White, who gained 2nd place when unlucky Rowley was making a challenge for 1st place. Once again he hit the track deck only for him to pick himself up to take a single point.

J. White wrapped up his evening with a race win in Heat 19 and finish with 15pts. In race 20 Jamie Whetton needed a race win to put him in a run off with Parfitt for the second and third spots on the rostrum. With a grid one, he made a tapes to flag win to take his place in that run off. Whetton won the toss of the coin and chose grid two, which he took advantage of to hold Parfitt out the gate. With Whetton riding a tactical race Parfitt made his move on the outside and just as it looked like pass was going to pull off the Wednesfield man hit the loose on the outside and hit the deck giving Whetton second place and Parfitt third.

Jamie Whetton (L), Brandon Whetton (C), Carl Parfitt (R)

Jamie Whetton (L), Brandon Whetton (C), Carl Parfitt (R)

Just few riders to mention who took part. The youngest lads in the field Tyler Bould, Liam Cartwright and Josh Whetton all rode well and gave there all in all races they rode in. And to Zak Dunn who rode in his first individual and scored a very good 11pts. And of course Courtney Aris who was the only lady in the field and getting a couple of third places her self and scored 7pts. Finally the Aris Family would like to thank Linak U.K Ltd for sponsoring the event and to all riders and officials who made this event happen.

Scores: B. Whetton 20, J. Whetton 18, C. Parfitt 18, Z. White, D. Drewett 15, J. White 15, H. Rowley 13, C. Dyke 12, A. Aris 12, W. Cartwright 11, Z. Dunn 11, A. Tipton 8, T. Bould 8, J. Whetton 7, C. Aris 7, L. Cartwright 7