PHOTOS: Various shots from the 2015 British Championship weekend

Check out some of the photos we’ve had sent in to 33/18 News from this weekend. Ipswich’s Phil Clarke, who did a fantastic job on Periscope to allow those who couldn’t make it to Ipswich the chance to watch the final, has been sorting through thousands of shots he took over the weekend.

Check out all his photos here:

Phil wants to complete his collection and commented, “Sadly I’m missing photos of the 50+ and 60+ finals, U10 boys and girls.  If anyone wants to donate photos of these events, and of all the qualifiers, I’d love to make sure I’ve got every rider on there at least once. If anyone’s feeling generous then please send me some to share or point me to your file share / Facebook album etc, or email me at”

Ray Andrews was also around on finals day, he caught all the action from U16 Boys, Womens/U16 Girls and Senior Open finals – the latter coming later.

Ray Andrews U16 Boys Final Photos

Ray Andrews Women and U16 Girls Final Photos

And finally Brian Barnett sent in some Photobucket links for his photos:


Women and U16 Girls: