NEWS: Coventry confirmed as 2015 British Indoor Championships promotors

Coventry Cycle Speedway club, one of the sport’s most vibrant clubs, have today been confirmed as the official promotors of the British Indoor Finals of 2015, which will race into the Godiva city on the first weekend of the New Year.

In a widely circulated email today (Wednesday 28th October 2015) from British Cycling, the sport’s governing body, confirmed the indoor finals will go-ahead this winter. It has now been confirmed that the Coventry club will promote and organise the hugely popular event.

The news allayed increasing fears that no promotors would step forward and stage one of the biggest event logistical challenges of the Cycle Speedway racing calendar. Two deadlines for intent to stage the finals had been issued by British Cycling during 2015 – with no response.

One of the sport’s biggest clubs Wednesdfield Aces, as principle organisers, but with secondary support from Coventry and other Midlands clubs, had very successfully promoted the British Indoor Finals in the past two years.

However, top Wednesfield administrators like Roger Ellis, Dave Jewkes and Steve Mullinder, fresh from a hectic season which included a brilliant staging of the World Final at Ashmore Park, simply wanted a rest this winter and informed their Coventry partners as such.

Coventry officials have also encountered a demanding season and also wanted a clean close season break this winter. Various Coventry club members provide the sport with fantastic on-going worldwide TV coverage, an acclaimed national website (33/18 News) and access to major sponsorship.

The club also presented a magnificent professionally staged promotion of the Great Britain V Australia Test match at Hearsall Common this summer, saved a precious track from the bulldozers by staging racing at Brandon and have also won top level approval this year to be relocated to a new purpose built track in the city.

Top Coventry official Lee Marsh takes up the story: “It’s been a great year but we were looking forward to having a rest this winter. However, it became apparent that as we had the hall available to us and, as far as I am aware, the only access to the required Speedway airfence, unless we stepped forward there would be no indoor finals this winter.

Coventry's Lee Marsh

Coventry’s Lee Marsh.

“After many requests verbally, and by email and text, from the sport in regards of this winters indoor, I am delighted to say that for the benefit of the sport as a whole, Coventry are delighted to be confirmed as promotors. We look forward to a great event and welcoming everyone to Coventry for the finals at a special time of the year”.

The venue for the British Indoor Finals has been confirmed to be the centrally located and well-appointed Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry. CV8 3FL.

The British Indoor finals will take place on the weekend of Saturday 2nd January 2016 and Sunday 3rd January 2016. All eight category finals of last year will be contested, as confirmed by national competitions secretary, Pete Ward.

Entries for the British Indoor finals are now open on the main British Cycling website at:

The Coventry Cycle Speedway club would like to thank British Cycling’s Paul West for his help and assistance in contracting the event to the club.

Hotel arrangements for this year’s British Indoor Finals will be announced later today (Wednesday 28th October 2015). A full supporting package of indoor practice sessions will also be announced by the Coventry club today. A number of sponsors have been secured and these will be confirmed shortly.

Further sponsorship approaches are welcomed. For a “E-Brochure” on commercial opportunities on the exciting British Indoor Finals, please email: