NEWS: Cycle Speedway in Sweden

Following on from the successful staging of Cycle Speedway in Slovakia last year, it is apparent that Cycle Speedway also exists in Sweden.

The sport is treated as a stepping stone into motor speedway for children, rather than the cycling discipline we know it as today. Activity seems to be more based along the lines of copying motor speedway, complete with colour helmets and breast plates, with a view to move the kids on to 80cc motorbikes.

Cycle Speedway in Sweden

Cycle Speedway in Sweden

It takes place at Vetlanda Motor Speedway on Saturdays during the Speedway season. A translation of the article on their website reads:

Vetlanda MS has for many years been of great activity in cycle speedway, a popular entertainment that is also a good entry point for the young people who then hopefully continues through 80cc and up to the B and A teams.

Cycle Speedway running generally on some Saturdays during the season, between the hours. 10:00 and 12:00. The dates for the 2016 season is to be determined.



For more information, please contact Mikael Karlsson at 070-745 22:20.


Still, Cycle Speedway is Cycle Speedway and it’s good to see as many kids on bikes in as many countries as possible.

Many thanks again to Jeremi Jan Juruś, who keeps us informed about European CS developments.