AUSTRALIA: McMillan wins second South Australian title

It was a bright sunny day down at the Le Fevre Cycle Speedway Club this weekend, where the League champions staged the South Australian Titles.

Seniors Aussie champion Ty Geertsen was the pre-match favourite to take the title after showing some great form. Also in the mix was junior world champion Shane Bentley and Aussie test match stars Ryan Edson and Shane Weinert.

Defending champion Cody Chadwick was absent due to racing in the UK for the Ipswich Eagles. Flying in from the UK the day before the event was World number 4 Bobby McMillan.

In the end it was McMillan who secured his second South Australian title, displaying his current form after Coventry’s recent elite league wins in the UK.

McMillan (centre) is congratulated by Ty Geertsen (right) and Ryan Edson (left)

McMillan (centre) is congratulated by Ty Geertsen (right) and Ryan Edson (left)

The international “Cobba” went through the entire meeting undefeated. McMillan last won the event at the Murray Bridge track in 2011 after last corner Pass on Ty Geertsen.

Final result:

1st Bobby McMillan, 2nd Ty Geertsen, 3rd Ryan Edson, 4th Shane Weinert.

WATCH: McMillan claim Grand Final victory