AUSTRALIA: Davies and Weinert take Findon invitational titles

The Allan Staunton (under 13) 20 inch Invitational was held at Findon last Sunday, with the 26 inch Mick Harley Invitational straight after. Here’s how events unfolded.


The 16man/20 heat formula was used for the Allan Staunton 20″ invitational, and it was a cracker of a meeting.

After 2 races each it was Cooper Davies and Thomas Jansen undefeated with Braylan MacDonald (listed in dreaded No 9) on 6 points.

In race 9 Jansen beat Davies to take the lead on 12 points. Davies won his last 2 rides to finish on 19 points.  Jansen took a tumble in race 16 and finished in 3rd to take 2 points finishing the day on 18 points.

L-R  Allan Staunton, Cooper Davies, Thomas Jansen, Braylan MacDonald, Tylar MacDonald.

L-R Allan Staunton, Cooper Davies, Thomas Jansen, Braylan MacDonald, Tylar MacDonald.

MacDonald also won his last 3 rides to finish on 18 points forcing a runoff to determine the placings.

Thomas Jansen won the toss and elected to go from grid 2 and simply covered his ground making him officially 2nd with Braylan MacDonald in 3rd spot.  9 year old Tylar MacDonald rode brilliantly to finish in 4th place.

Final Placings

Cooper Davies 19, Thomas Jansen 18, Braylan MacDonald 18, Tylar MacDonald 17, Ben Pudney 16, Lockie Pearce 15, Brad Curnow 14, Bradley Williams-Cook 14, Mitchell Osborne 12, Aerielle Barrett 11, Aiden Weinert 10, Logan MacKinlay 8, Jaimia Sansbury 8 Tyson Amey 7, Terry Sansbury 6, Lila Waye 6.


Following on from the 20 inch was the 26 inch Mick Harley Invitational.

This was also run on the 20 heat formula but with a Sudden Death Grand Final. The top 3 point scorers progressed into the Grand Final and then 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th had a ‘small final’ with the winner going into the Grand Final.

The highest point scorer had first choice of grid positions etc.  After 20 heats it was Joel Chadwick 20, Shane Bentley 18, Shane Weinert 17 who went straight to the Final.

Bobby McMillan 16, Ryan Edson 16, Ryan Greenhalgh 15, Rob Sellick 14 raced off in the small final which was won by Ryan Edson.

There was slight rain throughout the afternoon and riders were spinning on grids 1 and 4.

The Grand Final saw Joel Chadwick select grid 3 with Shane Bentley selecting grid 1 and then Shane Weinert taking grid 2 leaving Ryan Edson on 4.

It was Shane Weinert who gated brilliantly with Shane Bentley in 2nd but Joel Chadwick passed Bentley on the back straight and went out challenging Weinert for 4 laps.

Weinert had all his moves covered and went on to win in great style. The formula used was decided on by the riders and certainly provides a very exciting climax to a great meeting.

It was streamed live via Cycle Speedway Australia Facebook page which is much clearer and smoother vision than Periscope.

Final Placings

Shane Weinert 1st, Joel Chadwick 2nd, Ryan Edson 3rd and Shane Bentley 4th.