MATCH REPORT: Home crowd enjoy Ganczarek Laurels victory

Former European Champion Matiej Ganczarek lifted the Ade Gale Laurels proudly on a day of top class racing and a dramatic finale in front of an appreciative Harbourside crowd.

This was a victory which few would have predicted after 8 heats, which saw the Polish star collect just 3 points from his first two outings.

However he got his act together with three straight wins to finish on 15, level with Paul Heard and Myke Grimes but some way short of the leading scorers, 2015 champion Greg Gluchowski, who finished on 18 and Ben Mould and Cody Chadwick with 17 apiece.

However, a place in the top 6 was all that it took to leave the door open for all these riders to top the rostrum with the newly trialled format which saw the top two scorers through to the “Grand Final” and riders 3rd to 6th contesting a semi-final for the remaining two places.

Australian's Cody Chadwick (left) and Ty Geertsen (right) had a memorable battle in the heats with Dan Chambers also in the mix (centre). Photo by Denis Murphy.

Australian’s Cody Chadwick (left) and Ty Geertsen (right) had an entertaining battle in the heats with Dan Chambers also in the mix (centre). Photo by Denis Murphy.

Just to increase the uncertainty factor, gate positions were drawn by the riders, which saw Ganczarek on the inside grid in the semi, Heard on two, Mould on three and Grimes off four.

Heard gated across to lead into the first bend and Grimes powered off four seeking to join him but Ganczarek took advantage of a tighter line and settled in behind the England captain.

So to the final itself and first to draw was trophy holder Gluchowski whose smile quickly disappeared when he drew the outside, while Chadwick looked happier with two.

Heard looked happier still with the inside leaving Ganczarek wondering what to do with his gate 3.

The crowd were soon to find out as Aussie star Cody Chadwick got his marching orders for anticipating the start leaving just three riders to compete for the three rostrum positions.

Heard trapped well in the re-start and came under pressure from Gluchowski, creating just enough space for Ganczarek to burst powerfully under the pair for victory.

Matiej Ganczarek celebrates victory. Photo by Denis Murphy.

Matiej Ganczarek celebrates victory. Photo by Denis Murphy.

Outside the top six, Aaron Herbert and Dean Hook lowered the colours of other more fancied contenders while Ty Geertson also caught the eye despite still being somewhat jet-lagged having landed in the UK just 36 hours earlier.

A healthy crowd, perfect weather and full blooded racing from a top class field – all the ingredients for a perfect Cycle Speedway meeting.

That was the real story of the 2016 Ade Gale Laurels kindly sponsored by Precision Engraving of Weymouth.


Greg Gluchowski 18, Cody Chadwick 17, Ben Mould 17, Myke Grimes 15, Paul Heard 15, Matiej Ganczarek 15, Aaron Herbert 14, Dean Hook 12, Dan Chambers 11, Mark Carmichael 11, Ty Geertsen 10, Steve Harris 10, Neil Hollebon 9, Corey Drewett 7, Ben Donohue 6.


1st Paul Heard, 2nd Matiej Ganczarek, 3rd Myke Grimes, 4th Ben Mould

Grand Final

1st Matiej Ganczarek, 2nd Paul Heard, 3rd Greg Gluchowski, 4th Cody Chadwick (exc)

Referee – Colin Simmons