MATCH REPORT: Manchester League from Bury

Better late than never, just catching up on a few stories we didn’t get chance to publish before the weekend. Starting with the Manchester League, where Bury staged Round 2 of of the Grand Prix series on Wednesday evening.

A&T’s John White raced to his second 16 points maximum score of the series in the u-10s match, with team mate Charlie Burgess losing only to White.

Bury’s Louis Turner and Sheffield’s Tom Whitwam joint top scored in the u-13s category. Turner lost only to A&T’s Matt Snell first time out, whilst Whitwam lost only to Turner in heat 9.

WATCH: Video highlights from Manchester League, courtesy of Stockport Cycle Speedway’s Facebook page

With only two u-19 riders, the u-16s and u-19s races were combined, with scores subsequently adjusted. A&T’s Reece Pollitt was excluded in heat 3, after Bury’s Danny Taylor came down when the pair clashed.

Taylor went on to record an unbeaten score. A&T’s Ciaran Collins and Stockport’s Michael Preston each dropped a point in the u-16 match, Collins losing to Preston in heat 8, with Preston losing to Bury’s James Elston in heat 10. Elston suffered a gate exclusion in heat 1.

In the Division 2 match score, taken from each club’s top 5 scorers from the u-10, u-13, u-16 and u-19 categories, Astley & Tyldesley pipped Bury by 2 points to win on the night.

Manchester League Division 2 match result (top 5 scorers count to each team’s total)
Astley & Tyldesley 72 Bury 70 Stockport 26 Sheffield 15

U10s: John White (A&T) 16, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 14, Duncan Whalley (Bury) 13, Zak Thacker (Bury) 11, Lucy Grantham (A&T) 8, Joshua Parkinson (A&T) 7, Frank White (A&T) 5, Hermoine Whalley (Bury) 5.
U13s: Louis Turner (Bury) 15, Tom Whitwam (Sheffield) 15, Matt Snell (A&T) 14, Emily Burgess (A&T) 13, Josh Neath (Bury) 10, Daniel Bowler (Bury) 10, Holly Quinn (Bury) 9, Harry Radford (Bury) 8, Charlie Thacker (Bury) 8, Luis Roberts (Bury) 8, Katie Byron (Bury) 5.
U16s: Michael Preston (Stockport) 15, Ciaran Collins (A&T) 15, Adam Turnbull (Bury) 14, James Elston (Bury) 12, Asim Hussain (Bury) 12, Devon Campbell (Stockport) 11.
U19s: Danny Taylor (Bury) 16, Reece Pollitt (A&T) 11.

Referees – Matthew Turnbull & John Burston

Bury’s Kris Ramsden top scored in the Senior (Division 1) match, dropping his only point to Stockport’s Ben Higham in the last race. Higham, his team mate Jake Read and A&T’s Reece Pollitt each dropped two points. Bury took their second successive team win in the Division 1 match.

Manchester League Division 1 match result (top 5 scorers count to each team’s total)
Bury 42 Stockport 40 Astley & Tyldesley 21

Seniors: Kristian Ramsden (Bury) 15, Jake Read (Stockport) 14, Reece Pollitt (A&T) 14, Ben Higham (Stockport) 14, Kaysar Mohammedi (Bury) 12, Terry Norman (Stockport) 12,  Adam Turnbull (Bury) 8, Alan Plimley (Bury) 7, Ciaran Collins (A&T) 7.

Referee – Chaz Whalley