AUSTRALIA: Greenhalgh and Freeman take Best Pairs title

Seven pairs took centre stage at LeFevre for the annual LeFevre Pairs Challenge, which was sponsored by Manoel Carpentry.

The pairing looked quite even on paper and at the end of the day that’s how it turned out with very close results. The pairing were:

  1. Jack Norman/Nash Manoel  – finished on 25 points
  2. Bobby McMillan/ DJ Thompson – 29
  3. Joel Chadwick/Adam Haldenby  –29
  4. Ryan Edson/Matty Snowden –30
  5. Shane Weinert/Jake Mathews — 27
  6. Shane Bentley/Jarrod Weinert  — 29
  7. Ryan Greenhalgh/Angus Freeman — 35

The outright winners were Ryan Greenhalgh and Angus Freeman finishing on 35 points followed by Ryan Edson and Matty Snowden on 30.

With 3 teams sitting on 29 points they all decided that having 6 on the grid and all scoring points would be a great way to finish a fantastic action packed afternoon.

The run off didn’t disappoint and was very spectacular with the pairing of Bobby McMillan and DJ Thompson scoring 8 points to finish 3rd overall.

Referee: Rob Fleming