DRAW: Brandon Clubman’s trophy

Nearly reformed Brandon Bees host their “Clubman’s Trophy” at Brentford Playing fields tonight.

The match starts at 7:30pm and features many of the “club men” from around the Midlands (and beyond!).

Full line-up in draw order:

1 Dan Drewett (Coventry)
2 Ray Oliver (Coventry)
3 Dave Frith (Leicester)
4 Joe Andrews (Coventry)
5 Adam Tipton (Wednesfield Aces)
6 Ollie Morris (Coventry)
7 John Whetton (East Park Wolves)
8 Joe McLaughlin (Coventry)
9 Bob Prince (East Park Wolves)
10 Mick Knowles (Heckmondwike)
11 Dave White (East Park Wolves)
12 Paul Timms (Birmingham)
13 Steve Hodkinson (Birmingham)
14 Shaun Reynolds (Coventry)
15 Matt Hambidge (Coventry)
16 Josh Hill (East Park Wolves)

All riders please note: Beware of low entrance to Playing Fields if bikes are on roof rack.