MATCH REPORT: Poole avenge Exeter defeat

Poole avenged their narrow 3 point defeat at Exeter earlier in the season with a comprehensive victory, despite gifting the visitors two consecutive 7 – 0 heat victories in the closing stages of the match, surely a bizarre first for the club in 41 years of racing. It certainly gave the sizeable crowd something to talk about!

With the European championships at Harbourside Park now just two weeks away, Poole tracked a full strength side including two of their Polish stars Dawid Bas and Maciej Ganczarek, who were unbeaten by an opponent while Ben Tinsdale again caught the eye with three wins from 4 starts.

Aaron Herbert ploughed something of a lone furrow for Exeter, winning two of his six races while Dan Winchester and Owen Tidball picked up fortuitous wins in those two whitewash heats 16 and 17.

Poole 98
Dean Hook 14 Aaron Smith 14 Dawid Bas 14 Maciej Ganczarek 14 Ben Tinsdale 13 Pete Chant 11 Jay Briggs 9 Ben Donohue 9

Exeter 73
Aaron Herbert 19 Owen Tidball 13 Dave Murphy 10 Dan Winchester 9 Connor Tucker 9 Rob Geach  8 Lauren Hookway 4 Brett Tucker 1

The SWL Division 2 match was significant in the fact that eight of the 14 riders were girls – two of who Macie Schmidt and Lauren Hookway contested the race of the match in heat 10 with the Poole rider just holding on for the win under pressure.

Poole 78
Fraser Garnett 16 Danny Byrne 13 Callum Smith 13 Macie Schmidt 10 Krissie Mines 10 Ryan Bollom 9 Bethany Briggs 7

Exeter 42
Lauren Hookway 12 Rosie Tidball 8 Liam Borrowdale 7 Shannon Tucker 6 Karla Lomas 5 Shannon Borrowdale 4.

Cover photo by Graham Robins.