NEWS: Discipline specific CS coaching course set for October

Over the past few months, members of the Cycle Speedway Coaching Workgroup have been working closely with British Cycling’s Coach and Education team in order to tackle the “no brakes” issue.

Great progress has been made in identifying suitable “coaches” who have not qualified because of outstanding tasks or paperwork.

British Cycling are in the process of contacting all coaches who are still active within the sport and offering encouragement to complete all outstanding tasks.

The necessary First Aid qualification is the only cost involved for coaches who attain level 2 status. British Cycling are offering support with costs of completion such re-registration, updating safeguarding qualifications, and DBS checks for Go Ride club members BC and the workgroup are in the process of revising and updating the the Cycle Speedway Discipline Specific Unit (DSU) including rewriting the specific Gear-Books.

The DSUs are normally a two-day course which often involves an overnight stay. The new Cycle Speedway DSU will be piloted as a one-day course, which may reduce costs to candidates even further in the future, with more on-line, pre-course work being put in place.

The Cycle Speedway DSU is due to take place at the Wednesfield track on Saturday 29th October 2016.

Coaching Commissioner, Bob Prince commented: “The aim is to have at least 12 DSU candidates in attendance at Wednesfield. There will be a cost involved to attend the DSU course, but nothing like it used to cost to attend the previous courses.

“We are hoping that the course can run in parallel with a CPD event at the same venue, offering additional development for already qualified Cycle Speedway coaches, but this will be confirmed in the nest few weeks.”

In the near future, suitable coaches will be invited to attend the DSU.