CLUB NEWS: Bury’s Go-Ride August Initiative a success

For the fourth year, Bury Cycle Speedway Club welcomed down to their Goshen track the locally based National Cycling Centre youngsters and staff, for a days fun filled activities under the banner of the British Cycling Go-Ride August Initiative.

At 10am on Tuesday 2nd August, the first youngsters arrived and by 10:30am twenty personnel were assembled and were having their names and ages checked in ready for the start of the days activities.

Firstly, some of Bury’s youngsters demonstrated a variety of the techniques involved in Cycle Speedway under the watchful eye of Bury’s head coach and his helpers for the day.
Next each youngster was fitted out with a helmet and supplied with a club bike to use for the session.

After a few laps around the circuit to get used to the idea of riding a bike with no brakes, the youngsters were introduced to starting procedures, cornering procedures and stopping to make the sessions as safe as possible for all concerned.

The 20 young riders aged from 8 to 13 were then assessed on ability by riding around a obstacle course of cones placed at varying distances apart.

Next came the limbo pole, always a popular exercise, with the bar being lowered gradually as the riders try to ride under it on each lap.

A short break for lunch and a quick game of football for some of the children, was followed by a close riding session with two riders riding side by side and placing their hands on each others shoulders, which met with varying degrees of success.

A session of “high fives “ was then held with riders riding around the track and “high fiving the club volunteers placed at varying positions around the track perimeter .

The days activities concluded with the riders being split into 5 teams of four and having a match between all teams over 24 heats.

All riders were presented with medals, flags, badges and certificates before they left,and went away very happy with the days fun.