WOMENS LEAGUE: South victorious in final

A strong team performance formed the basis for a convincing victory for the youthful South West team in the British Womans League final at Harbourside Park, where they regained the title from the Midlands.

Five of the 8 South and South Wales rider line-up have been regular competitors in the BYJL this season, and their race fitness clearly played a big part in the success, with British and European champion, Lauren Hookway used tactically from reserve berth.

By contrast, the Midlands missed the services of key riders Michelle Whitehead, Laura Watson and Sammi Marsh and one can only speculate on the outcome had they been available.

There were strong performances from Macie Schmidt and Chloe Albin on their home circuit, while Krissie Mines performed well in her first event since her alarming crash at Exeter in the British final in August.

Team manager, Pete Clark was full praise for his enthusiastic squad, every one of whom played their part in the victory.

Midlands Captain Lucy Whitehead spearheaded her team’s attack, with Lizzie Rigley playing a good support role, while Wednesfield’s Georgie and Megan Burt gained valuable experience having been drafted in the complete the line-up.


Lucy Whitehead 12  Lizzie Rigley 10  Chloe Whitehead 9  Jenna Whitehead 7  Natalie Timms 5  Georgie Burt 5  Megan Burt 1.


Macie Schmidt 15  Krissie Mines 14  Chloe Albin 12  Alice Neighbour 8 Anna Tuttle 6 Maddie Saunders 6 Lauren Hookway 6 Bethany Briggs 3.

The Grand-Prix series also came to a successful conclusion with overall wins for Gemma Hill in the Intermediate group and Lauren Hookway in the Elite section.

A total of 21 riders were on track and they responded well to the encouragement from a healthy sized crowd who were supporting the double bill of racing which, also included the Poole v Wednesfield Elite League fixture.

There was touching moment during the presentation ceremony when “retiring” Womans Racing organiser, Natalie Timms, was presented with a momento and flowers in appreciation of her hard work over the last four years in post.


Jemma Hill 16 Maddie Saunders 14 Alice Neighbour 14 Jenna Whitehead 13 Anna Tuttle 11 Sophie Middleton 11 Bethany Briggs 11 Georgie Burt 9 Ellie Way 6 Lauren Compton 5 Megan Burt 5

A Final – 1. Jemma Hill  2. Maddie Saunders  3. Alice Neighbour  4. Jenna Whitehead

B Final –  1. Sophie Middleton  2. Anna Tuttle  3. Bethany Briggs  4. Georgie Burt

C Final – 1. Natalie Timms  2. Ellie Way  3. Mega Burt  4. Lauren Compton


Macie Schmidt 16  Lauren Hookway 14  Lucy Whitehead 12  Lizzie Rigley 10  Charlie Jane Herbert 8  Chloe Albin 8  Chloe Whitehead 8  Chloe Pearce 3.

A Final – 1. Lauren Hookway  2. Macie Schmidt  3. Lizzie Rigley 4. Lucy Whitehead

B Final – 1. Chloe Albin  2. Chloe Whitehead  3. Chloe Pearce  4. Charlie Herbert