MATCH REPORT: Ramsden makes it three in a row

With the success of the Coaching programme at Bury, especially at U13s level, the Club individual this year had to be split over two days. This Sunday, it was the division 1 and division 2 riders given a chance to have a go for the trophies on offer.

Unfortunately there was around 4 of the riders unavailable due to work and other reasons, but 10 riders made it to the starting gate on a warm and dry day.

Heat 1 was a gate to line win for Adam Taylor, and heat 2 was a close battle between Will Owens and Danny Taylor, before Danny slipped and just managed to hold second place behind a close Adam Turnbull.

Heat 3 was decided off the gate, as the holder of the trophy for the past two years, Kris Ramsden (pictured by Andy Whitehouse in this year’s Club Championships), shot off grid 3 well clear off Louis Turner and Neil Haworth, and Kaysar Mohammadi followed Kristian round from gate 4, holding a steady second to the line.

The 4th heat, was a second win for Kristian from gate 4, this time gating over Will Owens and Eryk Matala and clearing off for his second win of the day.

Heat 5 saw Neil Haworth from grid 2 make use of the empty grid 1 to hold Danny and Adam Taylor in the first bend and take his first win, with Adam getting the better of his older Brother to clinch second place.

The 6th heat was a good battle between Kaysar Mohammadi and Adam Turnbull, before Adam fell exiting the corner onto the back straight, and was excluded for causing the race stoppage.

Kaysar took the re-run for his first win. Heat 7 saw Louis Turner grab a gifted 4 points as the only rider in the race. The next race produced a first win for Danny Taylor beating Kaysor into 2nd with Eryk Matala 3rd.

Will Owens took his second win in heat 9, with Adam Taylor 2nd, moving him onto 10 points from 3 rides. Kris Ramsden kept the attention on himself with his third win in heat 10.

Heat 11 gave Adam Turnbull his first win closely followed by Neil Howarth. Adam took another win in heat 12 with Eryk Matala second. The 13th heat gave Kaysar his second win putting him onto 14 points from his 4 rides.

Will Owens and Neil Howarth had a race long duel in heat 14, before Will took the four points to put him on 15 points from 4 rides and Neil on 12. Heat 15 saw Danny Taylor take the first point from Kris Ramsden as he won to give himself 13 points and Kristian 15. equalling Will Owens.

The 16th gave Neil Haworth a win over Eryk Matala,to finish on 16 points.

Kristian Made a very tactical gate from two to clear Adam Taylor and hold Adam Turnbull, enabling him to clear off down the back straight to finish on 19pts, in heat 17 with Adam Taylor finishing on 16 and Adam Turnbull 12.

The penultimate heat gave Danny Taylor another win for him to finish on 17.

The last heat was going to really sort things out with Will Owens on 15 points needing a win to tie with Kristian and Kaysor needing a win to tie for 2nd with Will or a second to tie with Danny on 17.

Kaysor shot from the gate to hold Will in the first bend and duly won to finis on 18 level with Will and a run off for 2nd and 3rd. Kaysor won the toss took gate 2 and repeated the race before to take the run off and second place spot.

Final results saw Kristian Ramsden take the overall title for the third year running with 19 pts, Kaysar Mohammadi second on 18 and Will Owens third, also on 18 after the run off.

Junior title: Kaysor Mohammadi 18 pts, Adam Taylor 16 points, Eryk Matala 13 .
Other scores, Danny Taylor 17, Neil Haworth 16, Adam Turnbull 12, Louis Turner 12, Dower Mohammadi 12.

The senior trophies were sponsored by the club Founder Tony Mann, and were presented by the club Chairman, Stuart Haworth, as the main award is named the Chairman’s cup.

The junior trophies were sponsored by ex-rider and Tony’s son Paul Mann, with John Burston on the whistle.