CLUB NEWS: 50+ home riders on show in Coventry’s Chris Allen Memorial

Cycle Speedway’s success story in Coventry will continue tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 16th October) at Hearsall Common, when newcomers from Nuneaton BMX club join the action in the Chris Allen Memorial trophy.

For the first time in the competitions 46-year-old history, the event has been expanded to include no fewer than three junior categories – to cope with the current boom in the sport in the city.

The action gets underway at 1pm, with a full 16 rider field in the under 8s category. Finals for under 11s and under 16s follow, with the seniors entering the fray at 4pm. For the first time in three decades, three local clubs will be represented in the same meeting.

No fewer than 64 riders will take to the Hearsall Common track, including over 50 riders from the Coventry and Brandon clubs. This represents a modern era record of riders competing on the same day and underlines the tremendous interest in the sport locally.

And, in an added bonus, riders from Nuneaton, a town 6 miles to the east of Coventry, will compete in their first ever Cycle Speedway meeting. Four riders from the Nuneaton BMX will be swopping sports – and bikes – in another expansion of the sport in the area.

Nuneaton BMX riders George Hunt, Jack Wilkins, together with Markella and Gabriella Houli, make their debuts after being regular attenders at Coventry`s popular `Clubnight` sessions for newcomers for the past two months.

Nuneaton BMX Track

Nuneaton BMX Track

The link between the two clubs was established after contact between Coventry coach Myke Grimes and Nuneaton BMX coach Christian Wilkins. Both are thrilled about the exciting partnership – and relations are set to be extended shortly.

Over 20 Nuneaton BMX club members are expected at Hearsall Common for a fully-fledged meeting soon – with Coventry Cycle Speedway riders then travelling to the Nuneaton BMX track afterwards.

Wilkins said: “We have been tremendously well received by the Coventry Cycle Speedway club. It`s obvious for all to see just why they are so successful and why they have such a high profile.

“The Cycle Speedway people are so passionate about their sport and immediately embraced us. Our riders have learnt new skills at Cycle Speedway, in particular straight line speed and how to be more aggressive on the corners”.

Grimes commented: “We are so excited about this partnership we Nuneaton BMX club. Its already expanded our rider strength and through Christian Wilkins, its added greatly to our coaching resources”.

Already, two of the Nuneaton BMX riders have purchased their own specialist Cycle Speedway bikes and local observers feel that one of the BMX riders, Markella Houli, is destined for the very top in female racing in Cycle Speedway.

Tomorrow’s meeting honours the late Chris Allen. He was an 18-year-old rider, who, in 1973, whilst racing for the Brandon Bees at Hearsall Common, collapsed after a race. Sadly, he could not be revived.



Under 8s Final

1 Alex Jones (Coventry)

2 Alfie Brown (Coventry)

3 Jude Willcockson (Coventry)

4 Gabriella Houli (Nuneaton BMX)

5 Lincoln Collins (Brandon Bees)

6 Ruary Hughes (Coventry)

7 Hiro Maruyama (Coventry)

8 Finn Youson (Coventry)

9 Autumn Smith (Coventry)

10 Louis Westhead (Brandon Bees)

11 Leo Brown (Coventry)

12 Shivan Patel (Coventry)

13 Ethan Krol (Coventry)

14 Max Augustus (Brandon Bees)

15 Dylan Savage (Brandon Bees)

16 Alex Cunnigham (Coventry) – To be confirmed


Under 11s Final

1 Jack Wilkins (Nuneaton BMX)

2 Jonny Middleton (Brandon Bees)

3 Jake Hodder (Brandon Bees)

4 Joseph Augustus (Brandon Bees)

5 James Morris (Coventry)

6 Reece Mayer (Coventry)

7 Jacob Slezak (Coventry)

8 Thomas Pearson (Brandon Bees)

9 To be announced

10 Lewis Fry (Coventry)

11 Adam Butler (Brandon Bees)

12 Ronny Wassall (Coventry)

13 Liam Jones (Coventry)

14 Wyatt Jacobs (Coventry)

15 Lewis Middleton (Brandon Bees)

16 Jack Reynolds (Coventry)


Under 16s Final

1 Amy Baynes (Brandon Bees)

2 Ben Wells (Coventry)

3 James Bridge-Wilkinson (Coventry)

4 Ollie Morris (Coventry)

5 Cameron Gill (Brandon Bees)

6 Owen Gregory (Brandon Bees)

7 Jacob Clifford (Coventry)

8 Sammi Marsh (Coventry)

9 Sam Slatter (Coventry)

10 Markella Houli (Nuneaton BMX)

11 To be announced

12 Jimmy Wassall (Coventry)

13 Lee Gregory (Brandon Bees)

14 To be announced

15 Tom Savage (Brandon Bees)

16 George Hunt (Nuneaton BMX)


Senior Final

1 Josh Marsh (Coventry)

2 Kyle Barlow (Coventry)

3 Paul Timms (Birmingham)

4 Ewan Hancox (Birmingham)

5 Joe Andrews (Coventry)

6 Mike Baldock (Leicester)

7 Jake Slatter (Coventry)

8 Craig Marchant (Leicester)

9 Ricky Johnston (Birmingham)

10 Sam Hardie (Coventry)

11 Norman Venson (Leicester)

12 Mark Winwood (Birmingham)

13 Dan Drewett (Coventry)

14 To be announced

15 Matt Hambidge (Coventry)

16 Dave Frith (Leicester)