MATCH REPORT: A&T sign off at Gin Pit with strong performance

Astley & Tyldesley raced to a hat trick of wins over Northumbria in the final home meeting of the season on Sunday. A&T opened with a 7-3 heat win to the Graham/Grantham pair over Oldham/Knowles in heat 1.

Dan Thompson fell at the end of lap 3 in heat 3 and was excluded for bringing Matt Snell down. Race leader Gavin Parr declined to contest the re-run, so A&T took a 7-0 win in the re-run.

A&T were firmly in control and the remainder of the match was a mix of home 7-3 heat wins and 5-5 shared heats. Parr won his remaining four races for Northumbria, whilst team mate Jason Keith lost only to Reece Pollitt in heat 7. The visitors claimed inside grids from heat 7 onwards.

Pollitt top scored for a solid scoring A&T team, losing only to Parr in the last race. Snell withdrew at the interval and went to hospital with a thumb injury, incurred in the heat 3 incident.

A&T 87
Reece Pollitt 17 (2), Ciaran Collins 16 (1), Mark Grantham 14 (2), Max Evans 13 (4), Paul Graham 12 (4), Gareth Paine 10 (1), Matt Snell 5.

Northumbria 60
Jason Keith 19, Gavin Parr 16, Terry Kirkup 6 (1), Keith Oldham 6, Dan Thompson 4, Neil Magee 3, Paul Thompson 3, Andy Knowles 3.

Referee – Mike Hack.

Three 7-3 heat wins in the opening five races put A&T firmly in the driving seat in the Division 2 match.

A solid scoring Team Green went on to record an 81-68 win. Ciaran Collins raced unbeaten for A&T, with team mate Max Evans unbeaten apart for an exclusion for slowing the race in heat 8. Keith Oldham was best for Northumbria, winning his last two races.

A&T 81
Ciaran Collins 15 (1), Gareth Paine 15, Max Evans 14 (2), Mark Grantham 14 (1), Emily Burgess 14 (1), Danny Pickup 6, Ben Forshaw 3.

Northumbria 68
Keith Oldham 17, Andy Knowles 11 (4), Dan Thompson 11 (1), Paul Thompson 11 (1), Terry Kirkup 10 (2), Neil Magee 8.

Referee – Mike Hack.

Northumbria failed to field any riders in the Division 3 match, so A&T exacted revenge for their only defeat so far this season, winning 151-0. John White and Emily Burgess both raced unbeaten, as A&T maintained their lead at the top of the table, with one match remaining.

A&T 151
John White 16, Emily Burgess 16, Danny Pickup 14, Jack Littler 13, Charlie Burgess 12, Jack Murray 12, Tom Beeley 11, Frank White 10, Josh Parkinson 9, Aiden Green 9, Lucy Grantham 9, Nathan Holt 9, Laura Snell 7, Sabrina Evans 4.

Referee – Catherine White.