MATCH REPORT: A&T youngsters take fourth title

Astley & Tyldesley’s youngsters have won the Northern League Division 3 title for the fourth successive year.

A&T lined up in the season finale at Bury on Sunday, with both teams having lost one match apiece, so whoever won the match won the league. A&T made a strong start, leading 37-31 after the first round of races had been completed.

This extended to 74-60 at the halfway stage, with Team Green finishing as convincing 145-122 winners. John White raced to a 16 points maximum score in the U10s category, with team mates Nathan Holt and Charlie Burgess dropping one point each.

In the U13s category, Emily Burgess was unlucky not to race unbeaten, finishing 3rd last time out after leading the original running of the race. Bury’s Louis Turner raced unbeaten in the U13s match.

All 14 Astley & Tyldesley riders put in a great show of determination, to win the Northern League Division 3 title for the fourth successive year, a truly remarkable achievement.

Congratulations go to Bury, on pushing A&T hard all the way through the season. Both clubs deserve great credit for their continuing commitment to junior recruitment and development.

Bury 122
Louis Turner 16, Harry Radford 15, Zak Thacker 13, Dawar Mohammedi 12, Duncan Whalley 11, Kaci Neath 11, Daniel Bowler 10, Thom Deakin 9, Charlie Thacker 9, Holly Quinn 8, Hermoine Whalley 7, Dane Brooks 1.

A&T 145
John White 16, Charlie Burgess 15, Nathan Holt 15, Emily Burgess 14, Jack Murray 13, Danny Pickup 13, Frank White 11, Aiden Green 10, Tom Beeley 8, Daniel Holt 8, Noah Taylor 7, Josh Parkinson 6, Lucy Grantham 5, Freddie Cox 4.

Referee – Matthew Turnbull.

Earlier in the day, A&T suffered heavy defeats in the Division 1 and Division 2 matches. Bury raced to a massive 96-50 win in the Division 1 match.

A&T lost Gareth Paine with a leg injury in heat 1, so were a man down after that. Reece Pollitt and Max Evans both won two races each for A&T, but A&T were no match for a solid scoring Bury team, who had Ben Scranage, Will Owens and Kaysar Mohammedi all riding unbeaten.

Bury 96
Ben Scranage 15 (1), Will Owens 15 (1), Kris Ramsden 12 (3), Danny Taylor 12 (2), Adam Taylor 12 (1), Kaysar Mohammedi 11 (1), Neil Howarth 10 (4), Adam Turnbull 9 (1).

A&T 50
Reece Pollitt 14, Max Evans 12, Luke Jamson 8, Mark Grantham 8, Emily Burgess 7, Gareth Paine 1.

Referee – John Burston

A&T fared little better in the Division 2 match, as league winners Bury raced to a big 93-56 win over 2nd placed A&T.

Mark Grantham top scored for A&T with a consistent performance, whilst Max Evans won two races, but an injury hit A&T were no match for a solid scoring Bury team. Adam Turnbull and Louis Turner raced unbeaten for Bury.

Bury 93
Kaysar Mohammedi 16 (3), Adam Taylor 13 (1), Steve Mann 13 (1), Eryk Motala 12 (1), Adam Turnbull 12, Asim Hussain 11 (1), Louis Turner 10 (2), Harry Radford 6.

A&T 56
Mark Grantham 13 (1), Max Evans 12, Emily Burgess 9, Charlie Burgess 7, John White 6, Ben Forshaw 5, Danny Pickup 4.

Referee – John Burston

N.B. Photo attached shows A&T’s juniors with the Northern League Division 3 winners trophy.