CLUB NEWS: Curtain comes down at Harbourside

Harbourside Park was a hive of activity as the traditional “Fun Night” provided a fitting finale. Fancy dress, novelty races and a grand firework display brought proceedings to a spectacular close.

Clubnights have continued to be at the heart of the Poole club’s activities in 2017 as healthy numbers of young riders sample the sport, in some cases as the first step towards BYJL competitions, while for others it’s just a weekly fun activity.

Just how worthwhile the organisational effort is for the hard working volunteers can be gauged from some of the social media messages posted on Thursday evening after the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled:

“I would just like to thank everyone for welcoming Lauren to the team. She absolutely loves it and can’t wait for next season….really do love you all…. you have all made a great impact on our lives.”

“Thank u everyone for making this sport so enjoyable, never letting anyone get disheartened. Olly loves it so much and so happy to keep at it. He was absolutely buzzing tonight didn’t stop talking about it until 10 when he finally went to bed.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the wonderful people who make Club night what it is. We turned up 18 months ago, after Harley had watched the Pros compete, never thinking he would go from the strength to strength that he has done. He has grown from a shy 4 year old into a much more confident little boy and we thank you all for that….what a wonderful sport Speedway is and a great end to a fab season.”

“Thank you all for welcoming us on Tuesdays. Abbie and Matthew really enjoyed the past few weeks and can’t wait for new season.”

“An amazing end to the season with Halloween fun night……special thanks to Neil for all the hard work, time and effort given to the riders….Bobby and Rosie are already on the countdown for next season!”