CLUB NEWS: Bury’s winter training in full swing

Since 2013, when Bury Coaches started the development plan for the younger and less experienced riders, and entered a second team in the Northern fours to give them experience, the club have ran a full programme of winter training.

It covers track training and various other disciplines and this season has seen the usual dedicated bunch training in the gym on Monday evening, with up to 20 members, from 10 to 72, working out under the coaching of John Burston.

This weekend saw the first off track discipline, when 8 riders rode the 4 miles from Goshen to Heaton Park, for a Duathlon around the lake there, which is less than 400 yards from the now derelict Blackley Cycle Speedway Track.

The riders lined up at the start for 1 lap around the lake on the bike, then 1 lap running followed by another lap riding and a 4th lap running.

With the recent heavy rain and snowfall of recent days the ground surface was slippery and flooded in parts around most of the 1 mile circuit.

Riders went off at 15 sec intervals under the watchful eyes of judges Tony Mann and Linda Turnbull.

First off was Eryk Motala, followed by Kris Ramsden, then Adam Turnbull, John Burston, Kaysar Mohammadi, Danny Taylor, Will Owens and Asim Hussain bringing up the rear.

After the first lap, Adam Turnbull had put in a good lap to lead on 2 mins 51 secs, closely followed by Danny Taylor and Kaysar Mohamadi on 2 53. Kris Ramsden was on 3 mins 04 and Will Owens and John Burston on 3mins 06secs. Eryk was on 3 mins 17 and Asim on 3 mins 28.

Into the first run, Adam showed his intentions of doing well by setting a time of 6 mins and 01 secs, Kris also put in a good time with 6 mins 35, the rest put in solid times in the 7 minute plus area, except Asim and Kaysar, who found the transition from ride to run tough with 9 minute times.

The second ride saw Kris go to the fore with a 3 min 14 time, with Danny hot on his heels with 3 mins 17 secs, and Adam back in 4th on 3 mins 22 secs. Will on 3 min 30, John on 3 min 35 and Kaysar on 3 mis 37 had steady rides, whilst Asim and Eryk rode to low 4 mins times.

The last discipline, the second run was always going to be a tough one, but Adam raised his game and put in a really great 5 min 13 time with Kris joining him in the 5s with 5 mins 56, Danny on 6 mins, John on 7mins 07secs, Kaysor 7mins 52, and Asim 8 mins 15 with Eryk having a tough time on 9 mins 01 secs.

But it was Will Owens who astounded everyone with a time of 4 mins 59 secs. With all times added up and handicaps removed the very worthy winner was 15 year old Adam Turnbull on 16 mins 52 secs.

Will Owens with that amazing last run put himself into second on 17 mins 08 secs, Danny was 3rd with 17mins 52 secs and Kris on 18 mins 19 secs was 4th. John took 5th place on 20 mins 46 secs. Kaysor finished on 22 mins 17 secs. Eryk took 7th place on 22 mins 51 secs. Asim on 22 mins 58 secs was close behind.

A good afternoons workout in dry but cold weather and a load of good humoured rivalry.

After another Sunday on the track next week, the club go to Holcombe Hill for the notorious Lumb Carr Road 1k hill climb, on December 4th for a really testing, lung bursting climb.

Congratulations to Adam on his decisive win, and everyone else who took part and assisted thank you for making the event a success.