LETTERS: Proper procedures must be followed to avoid the worst

Former CS Commission chairman, Graham Elliott has written in with an important viewpoint on the recent allegations currently surrounding a football coach, and how important it is for all clubs to make sure best practice is stringently followed.

It is certainly something for everybody to pay extra attention to.

In case anyone was wondering why it is so important that your coaching staff are properly trained and qualified, you only have to look at the mess that is becoming apparent in football currently.

A significant part of the qualification process for coaches nowadays is aimed at training coaches to protect themselves from unfounded criticism or accusations through what they do. Appropriate behaviour, focus on Child Protection and being checked properly are just a few of these.

Clubs and club committees who don’t insist that their coaching is handled by properly trained and certified people may want to think about the implications of a Barry Bennell appearing in their midst, and the scale and scope of the repercussions should that happen.

These people are very adroit at finding situations where opportunities for their nasty behaviours exist, they are also extremely good at hiding what their real intentions are. So don’t be fooled into thinking “it will never happen to me I’d spot one a mile away.”

No doubt there are people all over the North West and perhaps further afield who are kicking themselves over similar misconceptions right at this moment as the litany of horror continues to unravel.

The best opportunities exist where proper procedures are not followed… it’s that simple.