AUSTRALIA: Bandits defeat Rangers in season finale

Last weekend the Le Fevre 2016 season came to a close with the staging of the Bush Rangers versus Bandits league final, with both squads including competitors who had represented their home nation at international level.

Although the Bandits provided the majority of heat winners, the superior team racing tactics from their opponents kept them within striking distance.

The Bandits were well served by Ty Geertsen and Jack Norman, which in turn compensated for a dramatic drop in form from Bobby McMillan, whilst again Joel Chadwick headed the Rangers score chart.

Winning Bandits side.

Winning Bandits side.

Bush Rangers 71
Brad Hoppo 14, Rob Sellick 13, Daniel Robb 13, Angus Freeman 8, Tony Bax 6, Joel Chadwick 17.

Bandits 76
Bobby McMillan 8, Jack Norman 20, Ryan Greenhalgh 15, Braden Makepeace 3, Nash Manoel 6, Ty Geertsen 20, Connor Whelan 4.

The Australian cycle speedway season resumes in late January.