CLUB NEWS: Bury complete gruelling hill climb

Two weeks after completing the Heaton Park duathlon, Bury’s winter training squad were out again on Sunday, riding the 5 miles to the slopes of Holcombe Hill for the notorious Lumb Carr Road hill climb, which is 1,000 metres of unrelenting lung busting climbing.

A bright and dry day greeted the riders as they assembled at the Goshen track for the ride to the hill, but it was frosty and very cold.

Holcombe Hill has been used annually by the local road club for a charity hill climb in June, and the record is held by pro cyclist Adam Yates at 2 mins 2 secs.

Three of the Bury club members have ridden this event in the past and know the hill well, but riding on a sun drenched summer evening and in mid-winter are very different things.

Kris Ramsden has completed the climb in 2 mins 30 secs in the past and Danny Taylor is the best newcomer completing the climb in 3 mins 10 secs two years ago. John Burston holds the vets course record with 2 mins 59 secs completed 7 years ago. All three wanted to see how they could do in the winter.


On the ride out it became very apparent that this was going to be a tough day as the strong wind was full head on.

Linda Turnbull was once again start marshal, John Burston was finish marshal having to ride up with all he timing gear and sheets in his rucksack during his timed ride.

At the top, all the gasping and leg burning riders gathered around for the result and it was Asim Hussain who was lantern rouge in 9th place in 5 mins 42 secs, Theo Gallagher was in 8th place on 5 mins 40 secs, Harry Radford was 7th on 5 mins 13 secs, followed by John Burston in 6th spot on 4 mins 58 secs.

Harry’s Dad, Mark was 5th in 4 mins 12 secs, Danny Taylor was 4th with 3 mins 55 secs and Kaysar Mohamadi was 3rd in 3 mins 41 secs, just beaten by Adam Turnbull in 2nd place on 3 mins 40 secs. It was Kris Ramsden who was a decisive winner with a time of 3 mins 10 secs, an excellent time in the conditions.

The ride back to Goshen was much easier than the outward trip with the wind at the backs of the riders.

Well done to all the riders and Linda for her assistance once again.