TRANSFER NEWS: Full list of approved transfers

The full list of approved transfers has been issued by British Cycling after the transfer window closed on Tuesday evening.

Positive news includes the transfer of riders back to Stoke after a brief period with Astley and Tyldesley. The potteries club are hoping to maintain momentum during 2017, with some successful new rider sessions taking place at Etruria Park already this year.

HereĀ is who moved where:





Leighton Bates Astley & Tyldesley Stoke
Shane Bentley Coventry Poole
Gary Bowers Kesgrave Great Blakenham
Keanu Bowers Kesgrave Great Blakenham
Joshua Brooke Ipswich Great Blakenham
Jamie Brown Swindon Horspath
Jamie Chittock Ipswich Kesgrave
Luke Draisey East Park Birmingham
Ben Harvey Ipswich Kesgrave
Kyle Holland Sheffield Astley & Tyldesley
Ryan Hoyland Sheffield Leicester
Michael Knowles Heckmondwike Astley & Tyldesley
Kieran Legg Poole Norwich
Samantha Marsh Coventry Sheffield
Sophie Middleton Sheffield Leicester
Ben Mould Wednesfield Newport
Simon Munden Astley & Tyldesley Stoke
Alice Neighbour Swindon Horspath
Jake Neighbour Swindon Horspath
Chris Osborne Horspath Great Blakenham
Lewis Osborne Horspath Great Blakenham
Ballie Phillips Coventry Leicester
Mason Phillips Coventry Leicester
Errol Thaw Astley & Tyldesley Stoke
Laura Watson Leicester Sheffield
Charles Whalley Bury Astley & Tyldesley
Duncan Whalley Bury Astley & Tyldesley
Gavin Wheeler Poole Southampton
Joshua Whetton East Park Wednesfield