FIXTURES: 2017 South West and Wales fixtures

Here are the 2017 South West and Wales region fixtures for 2017. If other regions could also send on their fixtures to 33/18 News, we will publish them in our main fixtures page in due course.

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South West & Wales Region – Fixtures 2017 (Provisional)

26 March
Newport  v  Horspath  v  Poole     Spring Cup Rd.1
Swindon  v  Exeter  v  Soton        Spring Cup  Rd.1

2 April
Horspath  v  Poole  v  Newport    Spring Cup  Rd.2
Exeter  v  Soton  v  Swindon        Spring Cup  Rd.2

8 April
BYJL Rd.1  (Underwood)

9 April
Poole  v  Newport  v  Horspath     Spring Cup Rd.3
Soton  v  Swindon  v  Exeter        Spring Cup Rd.3

22 April
BYJL Rd 2  (Southampton)

23 April
Soton  v  Poole:
Swindon  v  Newport:
Exeter  v  Horspath:

30 April
North  v  Wales & South-West (BoB Rd 1 – Astley & Tyld)
Womans League Rd 1  (Exeter)

6 May
Supertrax GP Rd 1 (East Park)

7 May
Poole  v  Swindon:
Newport  v  Exeter:
Horspath  v  Soton:

13 May
BYJL Rd 3  (Exeter)

14 May
Exeter  v  Poole:
Soton  v  Newport:
Swindon  v  Horspath:

21 May
Wales & South-West  v  East  (BoB Rd.2 – Horspath)
Womans League Rd 2 (East)

27 May
BCC U.12  U.14 & Junior  (Newport)

28 May
BCC Womans  U.16 Girls & 40+Vets (Poole)

29 May
BCC U.16 & Open  (Horspath)

3 June
BYJL Rd 4   (Poole)

4 June
Horspath  v  Exeter:
Newport  v  Poole:
Swindon  v  Soton:

10 June
Supertrax GP Rd 2  (Swindon)

11 June
Poole  v  Soton:  Horspath  v  Newport: Exeter  v  Swindon:

18 June
Midlands  v  Wales & South-West (BoB Rd 3 – Wedsfield)

24 June
BYJL National 1 (East)

25 June
Newport  v  Swindon:
Poole  v  Horspath:
Soton  v  Exeter:

1 July
Supertrax GP Rd 3  (East)

2 July
Exeter  v  Newport:
Horspath  v  Swindon:

8 July
Home Internationals  (Bury)

9 July
Swindon  v  Poole:
Soton  v  Horspath:

15 July
BYJL National 2 (Midlands)

16 July
Newport  v  Soton:
Poole  v  Exeter:

23 July
Wales & South-West v North  (BoB Rd 4 – Newport)

29 July
BYJL SW Rd.5  (Swindon)

30 July
Horspath  v  Poole:
Swindon  v  Exeter:

5 August
Supertrax GP Rd 4  (Astley & T)

6 August
Poole  v  Newport:
Soton  v  Swindon

12 August
BYJL National 3  (Exeter)

13 August
Exeter  v  Soton:
Newport  v  Horspath:

20 August
East  v  Wales & South-West (BoB Rd 5)

26 August 
BIC U.12’s  U.14’s & Open SF1 (Leicester)

27 August
BIC U.16 Girls, Junior, 40+/50+/60+, 7 Open SF’s 2&3 (E.Park)

28 August
BIC Finals Day – U.16, Woman & Open  (Wedsfield)

2 Sept
BYJL SW Rd.6  (Horspath)

3 Sept
The “Ade Gale Laurels” (Poole)

9 Sept
BYJL National Round 4 (North)

10 Sept
CS Play-offs – Regional Final

17 Sept
CS Play-offs – National Final  (Coventry)

24 Sept
Wales & South-West  v  Midlands  (BoB Rd 6 – Poole)
Womans League Rd 4  (Midlands).

30 Sept/1 Oct
Hellingly 70th Anniversary weekend

7 Oct
SW Regional Finals Day (Newport)

8 Oct
Gold Cup  (tba)