CLUB NEWS: Bury back on track

Sunday 5th March was a lovely bright day first thing, and went down hill from there, with rain pouring down by the time Bury’s training session began at Goshen.

Nevertheless, with the many weeks spent working on the track surface and drains, the surface was quite good with no large puddles, which provided a firm and fast circuit for the 12 club members, including 8 first team riders.

After the initial warm up and gates from each gate position, a four team match was organised and ran in good spirit, with all riders putting their hearts into it as usual when one rides against ones team mates.

The James and Kaysar pairing came out on top, but only 1 point clear of the next two teams, so close and hard fought was the racing.

with only one fall all afternoon and no injuries, despite the cold and wet, the afternoon saw a couple of riders making their return from injury, both showing well, with Kris Ramsden particularly so as he raced unbeaten all afternoon.

There is a full club training match next Sunday at 12pm in preparation for the Stoke away challenge match on the 19th.