AUSTRALIA: Cracking action at Findon

It was a very humid 34°C last Sunday at Findon for the running of the 2017 Annual Memorial Open Championship. The event is dedicated to the members of all clubs who have passed on for their hard work in promoting the clubs and sport.

Over 80 riders participated and the competition was very strong and fierce in all grades with a total of 3 broken bones on the day.

Jackson Dobie and Logan Mackinlay tangled up on the starting grid with 1 lap to go with Jackson breaking his collarbone and Logan cracking a bone in his big toe.

Matty Snowden went over the handlebars after tangling with DJ Thompson in the final and, unknown to him at the time, broke his scaphoid. Matty put up with the pain and went on to win the Grand Final.

Jack Norman decided to race Division 1 instead of the Under 18s and made the 6 on the grid final by equalling top heat scorer but fell on the first lap.

Under 13 Girls: Lila Waye, Kimberley Williams-Cook, Talia Mackinlay, Hannah Williams-Chisari
Women: Letitia Collins, Kayleigh Clarke, Delacia Pride, Miriam Thompson
Veterans: Brad Delmenico, Rob Mathews, Andrew Blatchford, Simon Harley
Division 7 Under 7: Dylan Miller, Emma Seaton, Koby Robinson, Kahill MacDonald
Division 6 Under 9: Zayden Thompson, Rhys Below, Alicia Cook, Aiden Smith
Division 5 Under 11: Bradley Williams-Cook, Tylar MacDonald, Marcus Melino, Lionel Sansbury
Division 4 Under 13: Braylan MacDonald, Seth Foster, Aiden Petty, Tyson Amey
Division 3 Under 15: Cooper Osborne, Jacob Pudney, Thomas Jansen, Logan Mackinlay
Division 2 Under 18: Matty Snowden, DJ Thompson, Mathew Hurley, Josh Carden
Division 1: Shane Bentley, Bobby McMillan, Braden Makepeace, Paul White
Referee: Steve Denison Smith (Denno)