AUSTRALIA: Jets cruise to comfortable Div 1 win, Comets take U13

Salisbury Jets cruised to a comfortable win in round 1 of the Club Leagues. On paper it looked like the Jets and Findon Comets had the strongest line up, but the Comets crashed in their first 2 races and sadly did not look the part for the rest of the meeting.

The Dolphins, anchored by Ty Geertsen and Jack Norman, finished second after scoring most of their points against the Comets.

Joel Chadwick scored a max of 24 for the Jets in his 6 outings and Shane Weinert dropped 1 point. Cody Chadwick scored 15 from 5 outings and Ryan Greenhalgh 13.

Jack Norman (inside) and DJ Thompson lead Shane Bentley and Angus Freeman


Salisbury Jets: 71
LeFevre Dolphins 61
Findon Comets  47

Referee: Bob Osborne

It was great racing in the 20inch (Under 13) Div 4 League, with the Findon Comets taking a win in the first round.

Comets were spearheaded by Cooper Osborne (6 rides), Braylan MacDonald (5) and Tylar MacDonald (4) who scored 14 points each closely followed by Brad Curnow (3) and Jemiar Sansbury (3) on 12 points each.

Salisbury Jets were lead by Bradley Williams-Cook on 19 (6 rides), Ben Pudney 16 (5) and Cooper Davies on 11 (6).

LeFevre Dolphins just had 4 riders (which included Dylan Miller who is Under 7’s) and were ably led by Seth Foster who created some wonderful opportunities for his younger team mates.

Seth scored a very healthy 16 points, Rhys Below 13, Zayden Thompson 12 and Dylan Miller 7.

Brad Curnow and Tylar MacDonald (Comets) leading Rhys Below and Dylan Miller (Dolphins)


Findon Comets 69
Salisbury Jets 63
LeFevre Dolphins  48

Referee: Bob Osborne

Cover photo: Cody Chadwick and Ryan Greenhalgh lead Ty Geertsen and Nash Manoel