MATCH REPORT: Glasgow and Fife go down in Cramlington Classic

Northumbria took on Glasgow and Fife in two North and Scotland League Division 2 clashes.

First up were Glasgow, who unfortunately raced with just five riders. The result was never in doubt as the home side took a 7-3 lead in heat 1, and increased their lead gradually and ended the meeting leading by 30 points 87-57.

Glasgow had the top man on show in Andy MacDougall with 4 wins, only a fall in heat 12 dented his score, although he remounted for second place.

Northumbria used 10 riders, with all riders contributing. Top man was JP Colback in his first full season scoring 17+2. Also taking the eyr was Paul Thompson with a career best of 14+3.

Northumbria 87
John Wilson 6 (2), Lee Redshaw 10+1 (3), Keith Oldham 7 (2), Paul Thompson 14+3 (5), Andy Knowles 6+2 (3), JP Colback17+2 (5), Bradley Stansfield 7 (3), Jordan Smith 7 (2), Dean Ilberton 7 (2),Norman Carson 6+2 (2).

Glasgow 57
Chic Mackie 6, Lachlan McDougall 9, Joe Beukmann 14+1, Colin Gray 9, Andy MacDougall 19

Referee – Terry Kirkup

Next up were Fife Revolutions. In their debut season they have started in magnificent style and the stage was set for a close meeting, with Fife probably starting as favourites.  What followed was what was the best meetings seen at Cramlington for a long time.

Wilson and Redshaw took a 7-3 in the first heat, only for Fife to return the complement in heat 2 with Vas Hill and James Keenlyside. Vikings went back in the lead until heat 5 when Hardie and Hill took maximum points.

Harry Langdale then had a tape exclusion and Northumbria took a 7-3 and lead. The score after 8 heats was all square at 39-39. The final seven heats saw five drawn heats and two 6-4s to Northumbria.

Fife team v Northumbria

John Wilson and Lee Redshaw sensibly sat behind Craig Hardie to see Northumbria home by four points. Unluckiest rider was Fife’s Vas Hill in heat 7 when his chain snapped while in second place to partner Keenlyside.

Top man for Northumbria was John Wilson who has started the year on fire with a paid 19, while For Fife top man was Craig Hardie with 18.

Congratulations to both teams on a fabulous display.

Northumbria 76 
John Wilson 18+1(5), Lee Redshaw 13+1(5), Keith Oldham 9+2(4), Shane Gray 16+1(5), Andy Knowles 8(4),Bradley Stansfield 1(1) Dan Thompson 1(1), Jordan Smith 8+2, Dean Ilberton 2(1), Rich Smith DNR

Fife 72
Craig Hardie 18, Jake Ferguson 8(4), Vas Hill 9+2, James Keenlyside 17+1,John Hutton 11+1, Harry Langdale 8, Brandon Aronu 1(1), Alex McLeod DNR

Referee – Keith Dyer