FEATURE: GCSE in Cycle Speedway

Meet Ethan Mitchell, the first person (soon) with a formal academic qualification in CS!

Ethan applied through the GCSE “Meeting Local Needs” process to study Cycle Speedway as one of his four PE practicals, providing a suggested syllabus suggested by coaches at Ipswich Eagles. The examining body accepted the syllabus and Ipswich offered free coaching to all GCSE PE students at the school.

Congratulations to Ethan on his 10/10 assessment for CS, plus his 10/10 for Karate (he’s a black belt). With one more sport and the school’s grading to come, Ethan looks on course for an A* grade.

Ipswich will publish a “how to” document for other clubs and students soon, to be available through the Ipswich web site and 33/18 News. For more info in the meantime, please contact Phil Clarke on Facebook or by emailing: ics@clarkehq.com