MATCH REPORT: Triple victory for A&T at Edinburgh

Astley & Tyldesley visited the defending Northern League Division 1 champions, Edinburgh, on Sunday.

After two shared heats, A&T took the lead with a 6-3 win in heat 3. A 7-3 win to the strong Tomasz Wlodarczyk/ Damian Zareba pairing over Jason Burke/ Marcin Czarkowski in heat 9 gave A&T a commanding 50-39 interval lead.

A 7-2 to the Burke/ Mike Hewitson pairing over Ciaran Collins in heat 11, after Reece Pollitt was excluded, gave the home side hope of a recovery. However, the Wlodarczyk/ Zareba pairing banged in another 7-3 over Craig Newsome/ Neil McPherson in the next race to put A&T 13 points ahead.

The visitors held on to record an impressive 93-82 win, courtesy of a solid scoring team. Zareba raced unbeaten for A&T, with Wlodarczyk beaten only by Edinburgh’s top scorer, Burke, in the last race.

Edinburgh 82
Jason Burke 20, Craig Newsome 17, Mike Hewitson 15 (2), Jake Slight 14, Kamil Greszla 10 (2), Marcin Czarkowski 4, Neil McPherson 2.

A&T 93
Tomasz Wlodarczyk 22, Damian Zareba 21 (3), Kyle Holland 14 (3), Reece Pollitt 12 (1), Max Evans 8 (2), Paul Graham 8, Ciaran Collins 6, Mark Grantham 2.

A&T’s win was followed up with an 87-63 win in the Division 2 match. Edinburgh led 16-14 after heat 3, but A&T banged in four successive 7-3 heat wins to take the lead and put the match beyond reach.

Max Evans raced unbeaten for A&T, with solid scores from the rest of the team. Best for Edinburgh was Ewan Kennedy, who won three races.

Edinburgh 63
Ewan Kennedy 16, Lewis Foxley 14, Lee Lawrence 12, Dode Mitchell 9 (3), Ciaran Leslie 5, Skye Mitchell 4, James Foxley 3.

A&T 87
Gareth Paine 18, Max Evans 17 (3), Matt Snell 16 (2), Mick Knowles 15 (2), Mark Grantham 11 (1), Emily Burgess 9, Lucy Grantham 1.

A&T completed a great day in the Scottish capital by taking a 62-46 win in the Division 3 match to maintain their 100% record. Emily Burgess raced unbeaten, with A&T’s other four young riders all scoring double figures.

Edinburgh 46
Ciaran Leslie 15, James Foxley 14, Amy McDonald 9, Ben Foxley 8.

A&T 62
Emily Burgess 16, Duncan Whalley 13, Lucy Grantham 12, Aiden Green 11, Tom Beeley 10.