MATCH REPORT: Bury ease to victory at Cramlington

A Northumbria side trying to cope with the retirement and semi-retirement of Gavin Parr were unfortunate to meet a strong Bury team on Sunday.

Things started brightly when Will Owens’ bike gave up the ghost at the start of heat 1, Jason Keith allowed Terry Kirkup through on the first bend and a 7-3 resulted.

Bury turned the screw and in the next eight heats had four 7-3s and four 6-4s. It got worse in the remaining heats as Bury took seven more maximums.

Always quicker from the gate, their only real opposition came from Jason Keith, the Northumbria captain easily top scoring with 19 and one bonus.

Bury on the other hand scored at will with Chris Ramsden unbeaten and a marvellous paid 23 from relative newcomer Kaysor Mohammadi.

Northumbria gave ten riders an outing, but at the end Bury were much superior.

Northumbria 65
Jason Keith 19+1, Terry Kirkup 9, Shane Gray 3(3), Dan Redshaw 12, John Wilson 3(3), Keith Oldham 5(3), Dan Thompson 4(2), Lee Redshaw 3(3), Dean Ilderton 4(3), Paul Thompson 3(2).

Bury 113
Will Owens 17+1, Danny Taylor 18+2, Chris Ramsden 20+4, Adam Turnbull 16(5), Neil Howarth 10+3(4), Kaysor Mohammadi 22+1, Asim Hussain 2(1), Eric Motala 8(2).

Referee Keith Dyer

Division 2 was much closer although Bury were 18 point winners. Northumbria again gave ten riders an outing, but lost Keith Oldham in his first race, Keith having to withdraw from the meeting.

Bury started with a 7-3 and pulled ahead gradually. Northumbria’s best scoring was limited to eight shared heats until the final race when Dan and Paul Thompson gained a 7-3 over the Bury reserves.

John Wilson with 10 from three rides was the Vikings top man, while Lee Richardson and JP Colback caught the eye.

For Bury Kaysor Mohammadi was again dominant remaining unbeaten in his four rides. Asim Hussain was very impressive, dropping just one point.

Northumbria 65
Shane Gray 2(2), Lee Redshaw 12, Andy Knowles 7+1(3), Keith Oldham 0(1), John Wilson 10+1(3), Bradley Stansfield 7+2, Dan Thompson 7(3), Paul Thompson 6(2), Dean Ilderton 6+1(3), JP Colback 8(3).
Bury 83
Kaysor Mohammadi 15+1(4), Josh Neath 9+1(4), Asim Hussain 18+1, Adam Turnbull 14+1(4), Harry Radford 10(4), Dawar Mohammadi 3(2),Maci Neath 2(2).
Referee Keith Dyer

For Division 3 Bury had four riders to Northumbria’s one. Sam Stansfield the youngest rider on show tried hard, but failed to beat an opponent.

Northumbria 4
Sam Stansfield 4
Bury 43
Harry Radford 16, Josh Neath 13, Dawar Mohammadi 10, Maci Neath 7.