NEWS: Final 2017 Competitions Plan issued

The final 2017 British Cycling Cycle Speedway Commission Competitions Plan has been circulated by British Cycling.

The new competitions plan, brought in this season, provides a new platform for Cycle Speedway racing. With brand new flagship events like the Supertrax competitions; Battle of Britain and HSBC UK Elite GP, joining the already established successes of the British Youth and Junior League and Women’s League, it’s an exciting time for the sport, which embraced the positive changes en masse after a consultation period last year.

The April 2017 edition includes the previously circulated BYJL updated regulations and also further details about the Elite GP, which now includes a seeded rider list to clear up the qualifying for the Junior and Senior competition, which has seen a surge in rider entries the past week.

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The main revisions are:

  • Revised eligibility age restrictions to participation in the Junior HSBC UK Elite GP and Junior Battle Of Britain
  • The option to compete in the Battle of Britain for a rider’s “home grown” region
  • An introduction of direct passage to the final of any Men’s Elite GP Round for specific seeded riders, where such riders have entered in advance

This means riders 14 and upwards are now able to race in the Supertrax events after previously being under the threshold.

In the Battle of Britain, riders who have moved out of their native region, for example university students or those with work forced movement can now still have the option to race for their “home grown” region.

Finally, the seeded rider list has been issued for the HSBC UK Elite GP, which enables a swift qualifying procedure. If more than 16 enter, between 17 and 24 riders the top 8 will be seeded, with the remaining riders competing in a semi final. Where there is more than 24 riders, two semi finals shall take place.

See the updated competitions plan below, please disregard any older copies. The list of seeded riders for the Elite GP is at the bottom of the page.