MATCH REPORT: A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 1

Astley & Tyldesley staged round 1 of this year’s A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix series.

On a cold evening, 20 enthusiastic youngsters ranging from 3 to 13 years old, competed in a 20 heats event run on a handicap basis.

Six year old Frank White won all his races to take first place one point ahead of another six year old, Aiden Green, who lost only to Frank first time out.

There was a tie for third place with newcomer, Tom Morrissey, finishing level on 13 points with Sabrina Evans.

A great start to the series with the youngsters presented with a range of certificates, wrist bands and medals at the end of the racing.

A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 1 result

Frank White 16, Aiden Green 15, Sabrina Evans 13, Tom Morrissey 13, Duncan Whalley 12, Emily Burgess 12, Fraser Brundrett 11, Kyra Hough 11, Ben Forshaw 11, John White 11, Charlie Burgess 10, Tom Beeley 9, Lucy Grantham 9, Jack Murray 8, Danny Pickup 8, Jake Booth 7, Oscar Belt 7, Myles Grantham 6, Deon Dickinson 6, Freddie Cox 5.
Referee – Chas Whalley.